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Susan Dawson


I love this show. It covers lots of different topics in the business and entrepreneur world and the host Robert is very knowledgeable and has a lot of good advice to offer. Always looking forward to the next episode! Thank you for what you do!

These podcasts are super informative. I love Lyons he seems to really care about his listeners. Thanks for all the tips!

Marie Parker


Paul Jones


Military Veteran turned Entrepreneur

I love the podcast! 5 Stars. Thanks for the simple consistent training and keeping it entertaining. Looking forward to the next episode!

This is a great podcast

The host knows how to be responsible with money and has some good advice! I will listen to more episodes!

Mark Spencer


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About the author


I'm  Robert Lyon

I am a US Army Veteran Award Winning Artist and Successful Business Man With Global Following. 

My mission is to help as many people as i can with my message and help raise money to Save The Earth.

Robert Lyon

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