Digital Marketing 2022

Digital Marketing 2022 with Jon Weberg
Jon is an American entrepreneur, top 1% consultant, & business master. By the age of 24, he’s a 2X self-published author & has helped clients in the SaaS, Ecommerce, Agency, & 2 dozen + industries. Widely considered a leading profit and scaling expert. He spends his time helping entrepreneurs scale their business profitably without outside capital.

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The Lyon Show

digital marketing 2022

Digital Marketing 2022 Transcript

Hey, what's up? This is Robert from the line show. This is one of my favorite episodes, so be sure to check it out. Today I interviewed John, we're going to be talking all about digital marketing, email marketing, JV Marketing, and trying to find cool email lists and ways to partner with bigger brands, as well as how to speak on stage and marketing events and how to network. It's full of awesome information. And I really hope you enjoy. So without further ado, here's the show. We are live. Hello, and welcome to the line show. It's your host, your favorite business coach Robert Lyon. Today, we have the great privilege of talking to John Weinberg affiliate marketer, he's a growth consultants. He's an email guy's marketing and digital marketing guy. So I'm excited to have him on the show and just chop it up. So John, why don't you kind of introduce yourself and tell everybody a little bit about who you are and what you're up to? Absolutely. And I thank you very much for having me on. I appreciate it. I hope we can spit some magic to some meet up pretty simply, I am definitely a digital marketer who has a huge passion for helping people optimize and grow their businesses. Obviously, I love entrepreneurship. It's all I've done my entire life since I was 13 years old. I'm a second generation digital marketer, which is kind of unique. My dad had two offline businesses, they went bankrupt, he turned to the stuff I saw, I kind of followed along with the messaging. And it's all I've done. And it's kind of all I love. I did see that you and your dad did a talk at some place. That's pretty that's pretty dope to be able to do that with your dad. That's something that very few people get to experiences. Yeah, we're in business together. And yeah, we've done I think two speeches event called LIS leveraged and another company called now lifestyle. We both spoke, one was the first time we ever talked, it was actually really emotional, because we were trying to tell a story because it was kind of more almost like mlm network marketing, you're trying to invoke people's emotions. Everyone was bawling. I thought was horrible. Because we didn't like give value. But at least people were more connected with us. And yeah, kind of. But the second second speech was definitely more tactic strategy went a lot more smoothly, no crying. The Crying might work something you never know. Right? I think it's like, it's not what you say, but how you make people feel or something like that. I think that's true. That's true. I have so many different directions we can go in. So I do growth consulting, too. You know, right now the markets kind of different things aren't working like they used to, I'm seeing a lot of that. Well, let's let's tap in on what is optimization? Like? What does that mean for you? And how do you kind of step into a business and help them? What are the what are you optimizing? For sure. So there's three main areas, I believe that are the most important because you can optimize everything you can optimize offer, products, customer service, there's endless different things, but I think my specialty, and I think just in general, what is the most important is lead generation, the process those leads go through, which is your sales process. And number three, your follow up to turn those leads into customers. Because each each of those is the most important kind of foundation for business to get people to look at what they're doing. Get those people to consistently look at what they're doing, and then get them to actually buy what they're offering. Repeat become repeat buyers. So I, I work on optimizing those three processes to increase ROI, generate higher quality leads, more leads, the whole the whole shebang, all the most important kind of parts. Are you getting good leads from these days? Or what do you like to do for the lead generation side? I focus now heavily on content marketing. Yeah, because we realize I'm still in affiliate marketing with my dad, Richard, over the years, if we would have done a lot more of it five years ago, 10 years ago, when I was 13, I would have 10 million subscribers on YouTube. And I would have, you know, the social presence in the long term would be so much larger. It's been said like social media and, and kind of marketing is important, but the gravity of what a long term audience you can generate from just really sticking to it. It's something that a lot of times you go in business, you look back and go, Oh, I wish we would have done this a long time. Like for example, I dabble in many different areas as well as SEO, SEO is the most difficult thing we've ever done. Yeah, and in SEO, same thing, if we would have done Seo 10 years ago, oh my god, the money we would have generated would be 100x Well, we've already done so that's something that I think is content marketing one because it obviously brings a new leads number two, the leads and as people who are watching your stuff, who you don't realize or watching your stuff, regardless of what the business is, or what it sells is you're influencing them. You're getting them to want to buy from you you're building some kind of relationship with them, even though it may not be initially generating sales, long run. We've had people buy from us 10 years down the line or six years down the line because they're still following or seeing some of our content. So content marketing huge No, I love it you punch in the fields right there you know wishing about SEO man, no, I know right? So much SEO so much content creation. But it always seems like oh, man, I missed the wave. But long as you're doing it man right now it's you know, short stuff like we make these long form podcasts, chop them up, explore them all over the world. Right syndicated everywhere, that's kind of the, the recipe, let's talk about a little bit of email, because like, in my mind, I feel like almost any business needs to up their email game, especially nowadays, you know, you need to be like the whole, the whole thing is like create an engine, right? So the engine is the content at the beginning, pumping people into your email, and then getting them to convert to a customer either that way, or giving them value up front and having them buy low ticket and then getting in or just going straight for the high ticket stuff where you're more likely to get on a call and things like that. But how, um, I mean, the problem with email is that you have to write all the damn email. So what do you do for email, it's my passion, because when we first got started marketing online, we didn't have like any money, right? We're dead broke, my parents had their cars taken away we lived surveillances basement welfare apartments, so we didn't have a lot of money to do things with. So we were forced to learn and do everything ourselves, including, we can't buy traffic, so we have to generate ourselves. And we have to convert this stuff to actually make money like we need to raise the bills and getting paid. So what most people don't understand number one about their marketing for all kinds of get into why email marketing is so important and different things you can do with it is your job as a business is truly to build an actual relationship with your customers and leads. And unless you are actually doing that, and participating in how you communicate with them, like they are a real person. That's most likely why most businesses don't grow, why they don't scale, why they don't continue to go on upward trends. Because you know, sales and promotions only lasts so long, will only generate so many customers, they it does work. But it's not going to consistently keep generating you more and more and more customers. So what I'm huge advocate is not just like tons, so much value in freebies and gifts in deals and discounts. And in videos explaining the story explaining, giving testimonials, you want to you want to use every single variety of follow up, you can in your emails as possible. Because within any audience, any leads listening customers list any audience of any kind. You have people who have variety of different personalities, some people are more analytical, some people are more emotional. So in order to get them to relate to you and build a relationship with you and want to buy from you, in your follow up, you need to relate with them from each of those different angles. For example, I'm very detail oriented. And I love a good story. So if someone's just focused on promo, or they're just focused on the social proof and testimonials, or they're just focused on one avenue, they're not going to get the other side of me as well. And that's what businesses miss out on. That gets me hyped up and excited as they miss out on, you have so much more you can relate with your audience with the story of how the company was created the story how the practice services are created, make a video I would even like if I had an agency agencies are usually very profitable, fly to client or a couple clients record their story of working with you the problems they had, how you solve their problems, make a documentary style, you know, you have to be creative and try to relate from as many different avenues as possible. By doing that conversions are drastically higher. And also one quick thing to people don't realize that your email list for for most businesses other than maybe if you're creating content, is your only communication with your audience. If you aren't communicating with them aren't communicating enough, or aren't communicating in a variety of ways. You're not building relationship, all of your competitors are and they are getting the customers because if you're not fulfilling your needs just like in a relationship, I'm gonna go to someone else who will so what do you write like an email a day? Or do you have like a spreadsheet? And then you automate it all? Or what do you like to do? So of course, automated follow up series is a must every business should have at least a minimum 21 Day follow up series automated for every lead that goes into any campaign. Because you know, the first probably three or four days I structured for an automated campaign are more promo, more detail oriented, because they just opted in there kind of a warm lead, they're interested right away, then from that you need to nurture the lead with with value with freebies. Next three, four days, three, four days after that story of how the company product is created. Three, four days after that testimonials and social proof, three, four days after that, and you hit every single one of those points. Yeah, personally what I do and also advise as well, is an email every day or every other day. And again, the reason why is there is so much noise and most people's audiences but unless you're in some magical market, every market is pretty much saturated. Yeah, you know, there are how many 1000s of agencies there are 1000s of coaches 1000s of consultants, but how you break through that to me you can have unique service product. But that's very hard to find nowadays you have to come off as unique and actually caring about the people you're wanting to work with. So you need to break through the noise. That's unique because you actually care about facts about that. That's something that businesses don't do. How many businesses do you think are like, how do I share, show my customers and leads that actually care about them? Yeah. Right, right. Right. Isn't that simple. It's for Frank Frank Kern, I did a little bit of work with him. Really cool. Dude. He talks about he's like, if you give people products and services and show that you actually care about them, they might actually buy for me what a crazy, crazy idea care for people, they'll, here's the thing, people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care email every day. Well, businesses don't realize this, even if it's something simple. You're right. Also about you said like most businesses don't utilize it enough. It's like every business I've ever talked to ever doesn't utilize email enough. Not even talking about like email segmentation, split testing, emails, all those different things just email a day, it could be I made a sandwich at lunch. And there's layers to sandwich in layers, induces and increases your performance, your energy decreases tiredness, you know, you can relate very simple, funny, weird stuff to your audience, at least do that and get your message out there and get in front of your audience's eyes versus doing nothing. So I've I've sent to my email list videos, in means shower, nothing download just up high videos of me, I would fill my phone, it would spiral then I catch it over here and then start off like a promo. There's different things you can do just do something. Email, you're doing this because if you aren't someone else's, and if you aren't, you have lost their attention. And all the money you spent on ads to bring them in is useless. Because you're not converting them into a customer. I mean, with email, like I call it an email super system. So you basically bring new clients in, you give them the the nurture segment, and then you kind of hit them. If they click on any links, you hit them with a countdown sequence, right. And then after the countdown sequence, you can hit them with another countdown sequence plus bonus. And it just seems like in my mind, like once you really get that all set up. I mean, you will be printing money all the time, I just I feel like people just don't understand. And it's not as good as it could be. And then if they don't click any of your stuff, then you send them to a campaign with just a shitload of affiliate links. And then maybe someday they'll buy something and come back. I mean, seven to other offers some to other products and services. And that's why I think this is where optimization, this is something that I actually think and I'm putting my mind on that my message is gonna in any podcast or anything I do, it's like you're gonna fine tune this is because no one I know, does it. No one I know actually does split test. No one I know actually adds order bumps to the checkout carts. No one I know, like, all the time, like consulting or just chatting with like, just podcasters or anyone I talked to, I'll ask about email, oh, I never email my list. And I just like get the tingles, like, my car. I'd like so you're saying the majority of the money you could be producing, you're just burning in front of yourself, is that what you're trying to tell me. And also to like, like an order bump, an order bump on a checkout cart, which is really for anyone listening who don't know what that is, is the easiest way to increase profits on anything sold ever. All you do is you if you have the capability through your CRM or your checkout cart, you add one little checkbox to add something else to the cart. I had a book, I've self published two books, one of them. I added a checkout cart or order bump once I realized it existed. It instantly increased ROI by I believe was like between like 1.5 and two times, because 50% of people who bought the book, bought the upsell, which was three times the price of the book. So people gotta realize optimization. It is not I think people don't think about it. It is not like fun. It is not like we're launching a new campaign were doing this you know, it's not a big move, but it's the fine tuning that will make you so much more money. It's ridiculous. Yeah, so I want to put you on the spot. I'm starting a new business where we're going to basically help people launch their own online business right? So start from nothing go from zero to you know, 5 million or whatever three years. If you were going to start a new business and today's stuff you know, what would you do? Would you do affiliate marketing would you do an agency would you do coaching like what do you think is the the sexiest or the one that appeals to you that you could scale the sexiest because I've been in so long is affiliate marketing and just like you're starting a new business I am as well because I realized something I already had wasn't able to scale to like, potentially be sold at like nine figures or, or 10 figures like you want to grow to like a big, big, big company. So what I'm going to do and what I advise everyone do, is it fleet Marketing, if you are persuasive, where you can hire someone to be persuasive, or not even persuasive, just actually show you care about other people, right? To gather a thirst to promote your offer it you don't have to pay for ads, you no longer have to pay for ads ever again. Literally, if you can gather enough high quality foods, for example, this, I got a watch on a nice watch. And this prize, this award right here came from a guy named Joel terian. Joe Taran has produced I think, over $300 million in sales over the past 20 years. He's a good friend of mine, almost like a family member, we've flown to his house, he's flown to ours. Great, amazing person, I highly suggest you connect with them. Joel has had affiliates who have produced from probably about half or more of that money he's produced, hasn't made. Where are they? Where are they finding? Or where are you finding these affiliates? So you just social media, like just blown people up? Or is there a special place that you go? There's a few great places. There's affiliate marketplaces where basically these affiliates gather and promote offers. So JVZoo or ClickBank, Max bounty Max bounty is one as well, huge company went to a party, it's very fun. And as well, literally just searching for who are the top 100 affiliate marketers in this space, who are the top marketers in that space and contacting them, and seeing what kind of deal you can make upfront money, maybe I'll give you $500 or $1,000, for a promo you promote and I'll give you or I'll give you, I normally give my affiliates get to have a special offer, just like anything you're selling to, instead of 50% commissions, I'll give you 75% commissions. And basically what I would do is, is gather the largest highest quality army possible, which is what I'm going to do for a big launch. And then when you I'll give a quick example of this, there's a guy named Adeel Chowdhry, who just had a humongous launch, I believe he did almost a million dollars in sale off of a $7 product or a $37 product in like a week, a huge affiliate marketer. And he launched a product called scribble scribble is now one of the most well known global tools for creating I believe it is PDFs or creating ebooks, right, I think I use them. Yeah, you might use them, you might know of them. So reason why he was able to do that not once, but twice. Recently, he gathered a big enough JV launch, which you should also do a JV launch for affiliate marketing, and get together a bunch of affiliates give them access to the product for free. And so you promote you get this out there, they promote automatically for you to possibly hundreds of 1000s to millions of people generate you hundreds to 1000s to 10s of 1000s of customers, which you can resell, upsell, do all this different stuff for Yeah. And then because you have such a big launch, you have so many people pushing your product, you are now a brand name in the marketplace default. Right. So that's why he did for a second time. The first one was a million dollar launch, which is incredible. The second one I think he's probably done over a million dollars now as presenter presenters for creating presentations. Similar software probably cost a similar amount of money in similar ways they relate to one another same thing gallery a bunch of faces don't and now has a brand name that was recognized in the marketplace. For I think scribble was in has been around for like five or 10 years. So imagine 10 years of customers from one launch, it's it's mind blowing what they think game can do. And for example, Joel Joel, we've been we've been affiliates for his we still are for 10 years as well. You don't have long standing relationships, and you can scale the business without running ads even. Yeah, that's fucking cool. And do you think you gotta like, I mean, do you just let the affiliates go and do their own thing? Or do you write the copy, create the creative for them and give them as bonuses? That's kind of like the process. Any good affiliate, you're gonna want to have number one more than one affiliate link for because most businesses who have affiliate programs have, oh, here's our homepage as an affiliate link to run ads for send your list. Yeah, just like business, just like I advise with email marketing, just like sales processes you send out you want three, four or five different sales pages. So affiliates can relate to different parts of their audience and different ways to copy, you're gonna want at least five to 10 different email copies. You could do a deadline sequence, you could do a nurture sequence, you could probably do multiple, which was what I would advise, and you want again, any tools resources possible for these efforts to be built to promote and expand into the marketplace as much as possible, and also an affiliate manager. If someone can afford us, having someone to actually manage? Run more promos, run webinars with them all like Adeel Chowdhry, if you can guarantee 100 people in a webinar for his product presenter, what he would do is he'll get on a webinar and sell for you. So you can work closely with these people. This is why over the years I've learned relationships are so much more impactful than I realized if you can get 10 affiliates who are multi million dollar earners who promote your products for years to come. You're really Close them and become friends with them you have how much revenue that will be produced technically for the lifetime of a product or service. So, right treat them treat your affiliates like gods and they will promote you like you are. The Bee's Knees. You are everything right? I love that man. I'm gonna call it JV influencer marketing. It's pretty much been around for a while. And it's just no one another one of those rabbit holes that you can that work though, you know if it works works, I'm a big fan of marketing that works. And that's a great, right. Right, have a cool software called Thrive cart, and we're building a service. Yeah, so I'm gonna try their affiliate thing first. And then I'm gonna do other ones, probably to some things. So that's so I'd like to just dive into it, get your affiliate marketing, like, I always figure, you know, if I ever really needed to do something, I would just start, you know, going over different software's making review videos, added the link at the bottom, you know, SEO it up and just do like 100 of those for like 100 days and just see how much money I can make. But I haven't done it yet. So do you like doing that? Or how's that kind of going? Because I noticed on YouTube, you're reviewing all kinds of stuff. And it's a it's a work, you know, you got to do it, you got to someone asked you that's how you find the good stuff. Right? What I'm doing is usually a lot of these businesses, I'm connecting with them first and somewhere format. So for example, I just did a review in Kajabi, which I do highly recommend not because I'm gonna flip it because I've been building creating managing businesses, and funnels and products and offers and membership sites for ever. I've just all I've done so I go into software, very few ever impressed me to actually like, can I create a course? Can I have a membership? Can I collect payments? Can I have affiliates all in one Kajabi has that. So I do a lot of times I partner or find a way I say to weasel my way in but to persuade, talk, also show I genuinely care. And I'll do these things with some kind of partnership with a good company I like or that's that's doing things. So right before this, I was actually recording for a company called Home Business Academy. I do them for a job. So I I look in the marketplace also usually I'm connected with on LinkedIn, Facebook somewhere, some of these people, they could be launching a product, for example, I just learned a speaking engagement with epic Summit. And the headliner for epic Summit is Dan Locke. Dan Locke is very big in the marketplace. So that's kind of cool to say I will be able to kind of work with him or be in the same vicinity speaking with him. Yeah. But how it happened was, I saw someone just on Facebook who launched a CRM called segment It's basically just a CRM, you know, auto responder, page builder, all that. I saw the event. There's some huh, there's this a guy also has a fleet manager, I should reach out to the fleet manager, talk with him a little bit say, Hey, I would love to be an affiliate. How can I promote the event? Here's like nothing that he gave me the details. Then I go, Well, you're having this event. Do you need any more speakers? It's well, I'm not sure we're pretty full game some details. Well, maybe I could be Speaker Can you ask for me? Sure. Now my affiliate partner with them, and now I'm speaking for them. So it's awesome. Watching the marketplace, watching the people who are in your industry and see what they're doing? How can I work with them? How can I promote for them? How can I explore every opportunity I have to the max? Right I also we spoke speaking for ad world, which is great AdWords coach community how that landed is I saw someone else, a guy named Daniel Doan who's a copywriter, one of the best you can find super good. Daniel don't quote Daniel don't. He's known as the banana copywriter. Very weird. You might have seen his brand. And he's got that onpoint. But he posted and I've chatted with him before he posted that he spoken emerald. I reached out to him and said, Hey, how'd you speak for him? He goes all the requests that they saw my branding. I go well, do you have any connection to them? Sure. Here's the email. I talked to that person that person connected me to that person connected me with the person who runs it connects me it's the person who decided I can actually be speaker, but then not just did I do that. This is why I think in all business, anyone listening? If you have any opportunity to speak to be connected to an event, to launch practice, JV explored every potential possibility, you never know if the answer is going to be yes. Because most often, from my experience, the answer has been Yes. And I'm thankful for it. Not so not just what did I learn the speaking engagement. I also talked to them and said, Hey, provide value, give, give give? Like is there anything else I can help with? Because well, we have an affiliate program for the event for ad world and apartment partner program, where if you create videos for us and we like them, we will launch them as ads. So there's potentially 10s of 1000s to hundreds of 1000s I don't know how big your audience is potentially millions of people in ads, seeing my face, seeing my name seeing my brand. Cool. Of course I'm gonna do that right so I created not one but also give them deliver and potentially more opportunity. I mean three videos for them, which they're all going to split test. So someone else doing business advice and just in life explore explore, explore until you get no I mean if it's no explore some more because maybe you need a second or third note before he might even love it man creating opportunities everywhere. So when you go on these stage, I guess what are you talking about usually, for your speeches, mainly optimization of like we've kind of gone through sales process lead generation, a follow up. And also usually a lot of really small simple things that increase conversions increase sales profitability, so so so much so another one other than like the checkout cart order bump is segmenting of emails. So many leads list or as email campaign series, you have people who go through your main, your main opt in offer, they you kind of talked about it, you have your main offer, they go through it, they go through, they get all your emails, they don't buy, what do you do with people? Do you still keep them wanting the exact same thing and the exact same way? No, you put them into a different entire sequence and segment to get things nurturing them and or other offers, because they obviously opted in because they wanted something and they had a need that need and what they wanted has not gone away, you simply have not relate to them in a way that makes them want what you are offering specifically. So what you do is you offer them other stuff, they don't buy that you offer them other stuff. And you keep doing that for the people who don't want something, but also like reselling, again, like email, every business I talked to you doesn't resell their customer email. It is it is it's especially known and talked about, but no one does it. It's mind blowing for me. So recent customers to I talked to this one one business was doing some work with Frank Kern, all they sold was for big trucks, big trucks in the winter, they have an issue with winter, you know, for snow and stuff. It's a huge issue for big trucks, especially between the US and Canada. They only sold chains, the special chains that guaranteed you can get through any sell one product and I asked him like, well, you don't have anything else. No, we have this one product, it's selling amazingly, selling one other related product, even as an affiliate, it can be trucker clothes trucker hats, you name it are getting those truckers and those truckers to become affiliates for you. The exponential amount of profit increase is drastic. So that's something that I really heavily advise and talk about as well as you need to. As bad as it sounds almost you need to get as much money from your customers as possible. You do while serving them. Its business while serving them while giving them what they want. You need to end delivering on what you say you're going to deliver which is another part of business you have to sell them everything so people who say no need to be sold. I'm not Grant Cardone talks about no is not an no is not a no. Kind of true because, for example, let's just say I love to work with agencies, agencies are very easy to increase profits for a variety of reasons, their offer prices, agencies, how many agencies out there that out there, that when people say no to the main agency of advertising agency, I'll run your Facebook ads for you. How many of them, sell them than a different product? Have a person a single person dedicated to assign them a different product or service? It can be an Add Course? For example, most agencies the reason they get no is because pricing or the people just want to learn how to do it. Have a course that you sell for sale free $1,000 a month for your ads, you've ad course for 500 bucks, get some kind of money from your client, even when they say no, the same thing for if they buy agencies usually only have just their agency services. Right? Why don't you have consulting for their entire business that you offer them, it could be an affiliate software for my consulting, your consulting your coaching, anyone's have an offer for someone else's, or have a major dedicated consultant in your agency who does just that you have to have and be creative. This is where creativity is really important. Other ways to get money from your audience and other different ways. And that's something that I love to nerd out and talk about because it's no one no one does these basic things. It's why, you know, common sense is not too common, unfortunately. But it's great for us because we help people see the common things they're missing out on some kind of like reinventing Guerilla Marketing. 2.0 is kind of what I call it, but I do business coaching, and I've been helping a lot of people. There's no like real question of this, I'm going to run my philosophy down, I just kind of want to see what you think of it. So when I look at someone's business, right, the first thing that I talk about as we make the foundation so the foundation is email, right? The foundation is the website, the SEO, whatever. And then we create the engine, the engine is you know, leads sales and then follow up and testimonials and things like that. And that's a whole lot of things. So that could be like creating content, SEO, whatever the hell it is. That I create an outbound sales plan because I think that's the best way to go because you can go from like zero to one without spending a ton of money on ads, that's how you're gonna do it. And then you take the money from the outbound or like a percent of the money, and you take that money, you put it into ads. So yep, that's kind of what I've been running for people. I'm just wondering, you know, do you have a system? Or is that kind of how do you how are you looking at it? That's usually very similar to what I do is you have to start out with number one, what do they already have in place I was set out with what do you ever already have in place, which is usually very little, you know, especially email, you take a look, go, you don't email your list. You used to run ads, you no longer run ads anymore. You do some outbound maybe already, but not very much. Your sales process has no you know, split testing anything. Most people are not right, right. This isn't something basic, get Click Funnels, damn it, just use Click Funnels, use a basic split test feature. The scale just with that, they don't have any one click Order bumps, they don't really have an upsell process, you will be amazed the amount of companies who just go buy my product, here's a thank you page, nothing else not including emails, segmenting, not including any of this different stuff. So I take a look at what you have in place. Here's all your weaknesses, here's what you have going on. Okay, now we need to put into place the basics, the fundamentals, like you're saying, your sales process, your lead generation, and your follow up all needs to be on point consistent brand matching, supportive of one another correlating with one another. So the sales pages that their email campaigns are sending to the leads later on in the sequence need to match with everything else. And then from there, once everything is set up, we've identified the issues, we've set up everything to foundations for me, then it goes straight to optimization, let's split test everything. But split test your emails, let's split test your ads, let's split test your sales processes, or your checkout carts. A checkout cart, it's so frustrating, because like a checkout cart alone, if you can increase but people don't realize why automation station should be so sexy, even while it's not. If you increase this, let's do it. I've done this a few different types of different videos, let's just say you're going to optimize three different things for your business, because you want to scale. This is where I love optimization voids my main step after optimization, by the way, that's just pumping, if you're profitable, pumping leads in full force, as long as you're profitable. While you continue to optimize just let's get your name and brand out there. So you dominate the marketplace. So let's go back to the scenario, you're optimizing only three things, your opt in rate. So like a landing page, or opt in page, let's say now your opt in page, your OPT in rates 20%. Let's say as well, we want to increase your rate of people who are seeing your bridge page to going to the checkout cart right now it's 40% of those people go from that page to your checkout cart. And then let's say your checkout cart conversion rates like one or 2%, which is industry average. If you want to scale a business, let's say you're running your business, you're running leads through this exact sales processes funnel, and you're doing $100,000 a year. Great. Let's say you're doing $100,000 A year profit optimization was so sexy because if you just do one thing, the increases this is go through your checkout cart that's converting it, let's say 1% If you can get to 3% by doing split testing, adding an order bump adding a testimonials below the buy button which can have that effect changing the headline a little bit of copy split testing, one to 3% is a 2% increase in your checkout. People checking out right, that is a three times amount of people buying from you. So that $1,000 year should if mathematics withholds which should. So is that $100,000 A year. Yeah, no Cuca if you can increase your opt in rate by 20% to 30%. That's a 50% increase in leads. Now, that's if you can do that while obtaining the same quality of leads. Because you don't want to cheapen your stuff to just get more leads, but not the same quality. That's 50% more leads, which means you're spending 50% less money on ads. So you've decreased decrease costs and half you've increased your ability to scale because you're spending less to do so you've tripled the amount of money you're generating from your checkout cart. And let's say you're you know, the bridge page I talked about you get that from 40% to 60% or 50% There's another whatever increase that's not including that's not including any upsells in this process that's unclean Yeah, always do upsell down sell the upsell down sell is like the cheat like a hack for life. They're really easy but you think with with how much this at least to us seems like common knowledge. If businesses just did this thing would be ridiculously more wealthy and profitable like it's astronomical the difference would make that's the the curse of knowledge is once you learn stuff you think everybody knows it, but yeah, it's very surprising. That's pretty wild. And so what do you what are you doing now these days and are you coaching Are you going on speaking are you just building the fence? It stuff like what do you kind of focus on? Right now it's getting more of my main just out there. So a lot of I've discovered I have a keen ability to speak for events. One because I like doing it digitally. Also, it's really easy because I can put together a pretty mean presentation of kinds. But also really good for some reason, quite good. Now they virtual events. Is that what you're kind of smashing right now? Are they virtual? Virtual Smash, and more? I want to do more in person. I have one in Minneapolis this weekend. I'm a little nervous, because I just haven't done it in a while. Yeah, so but that, um, struggle? Well, it's a really good friend of mine. I'm an affiliate for as well see these these partnerships ended up working out. So I was afraid for this guy. He goes, Hey, appreciate the sales do want to come speak at my event. I won't charge anything. Just come speak, hang out. I said, Hell yeah, you're two hours away drive, I'll come there. And I'll speak and hang out. So getting my name out there. That's huge. Because I'm launching a new business that like said, it's going to be something that I believe will be able to scale, because it'll have the large enough audience size. And if I want to sell it to like companies, I can charge between like 25 and a few $100,000 per client, which is really cool. Tell us a little bit about that. Or is that a secret? I can. It's it's, it's called profit, allies profit By the way, if anyone goes to it, you can't buy anything. It's not even fully built yet. I'm just building the building blocks. And also I'm building an affiliate army for it of sorts. I'm contacting people, all my affiliate relationships. But yeah, basically what it is, it's an all in one. You know, like Salesforce, Salesforce is kind of considered the number one CRM in the world also, because it has a whatever billion dollar valuation, it's humongous. I used it, though. It's so confusing. I know, I know, I know. I don't understand their usability, how they have customers. But yes, Salesforce is the biggest in the world, though. They're the all on one. If you want anything built, they have it. Right. I want to combine I want to do Salesforce, but with business education. So if someone wants to learn SEO, lead generation, affiliate marketing, email marketing, you name it videography. Any kind of anything faster, even remotely do with business, there's like 21 different categories, they'll cover. I want to be the all in one solution for that, because there's Udemy, right? Udemy exists, YouTube exists Udemy really shallow depth of, of length of education, not the best, right? No knowledge, you go to Udemy Sure, you'll learn a lot of something. But for someone like me, I'll go to every single Udemy courses. And I could not learn as probably a single thing, because I've done taught, practice all of it, I teach it. Yeah, so beginner to a very advanced level, I want to teach everything, anything business. And as well, I thought about that. And like well, a lot of businesses also just kind of want templates, they don't want me to teach them and they just want give me a sales page template, give me your kind of email process. Give me what you say in a sales call. Because I've done sales as well. Give me those things, I'll buy that from you for X amount of money, I want to include all of that as well. So every template, every course, combined it with also events and training of their employees. So anything they need to learn on how to grow their business, I want to be the all in one source for every business, online and offline to go to dairy, big vision, finishing courses, finishing courses is hard, man. So I salute you. It's a lot of work, man, it's fucking it's like, crack the whip, though. If you if you make like one video a day, you know, eventually you'll get there. So just in two years, two years, you'll get there I have about, I estimated about 500 hours of content to create, which is I might be drinking a lot of energy drinks like 100 to get it done. It's a big vision. But I think if it's main it's done right. And I had a foods to help launch it. I think it'll do exceptionally well. Yeah, you can use a lot of those. What are those? Like they got pre recorded videos that you can buy for like you can get all of them. And you can just put those in the places what before you fill them all up? And you could sell before you're done. Yep, that's the plan is to. And you could do that as well. I'm sure in some ways pre sell, pre sell before it's even finished. Because then you have some extra capital. You can do a lot of different things with that make it even better yada, yada, yada. Yeah. Well, that's cool, man. You got any advice for anybody who wants to become an entrepreneur out there? What's what's I mean, I've been doing this for, you know, for a minute now too. So it's just a way of life. But you know what, when you're trying to come up with a new idea when you're trying to launch a business or whatever, you know, how do you think about it? Or what do you what gets you fired up to go run out the mountain and number one, right? Number one, I would recommend, don't if it were not someone who has become an entrepreneur, unless you are a psycho, psycho. Yes, you are completely Psycho and more prepared for a lifetime journey. It is not something that you dabble in because then you didn't really do it. entrepreneur, someone truly someone who will execute and launch and scale a business or many businesses many failed businesses many succeed businesses until they die. Yeah, that's where to me a real entrepreneur someone who grinds and works and creates their own culture with a practice service they believe in and love and do it until they believe as became a true success. Number one don't do unless you're truly dedicated. Also, you are prepared for frustration beyond any imaginable means you are prepared for success and wealth between know from any imaginable means you're prepared for possibly becoming bankrupt. You were prepared for every edge of reality you could possibly meet in life. Get ready for it all. Oh, and you want to make sure you have a spouse that supports what you do. Because otherwise your life will be a living hell. Yeah, I fortunately have your audience. This guy knows what he's talking about. At least you know? What's up because I'm sure many people listening going, Yeah, my wife hates or my husband hates. It's something that you if you don't have running your business is you might ruin your business. I saw him. I forgot his name. And he's hit someone on a show. And this guy goes, I'm 20. I think he's like, 22 years old. I have an eight figure business. It's running super profitably. But my wife's gonna leave me because I spent too much time on it. He goes, What do I do? What do you do in that situation? The business guys, like, what's easier to replace? All your wife, your spouse, she goes, Oh, my spouse. So you get rid of the spouse and scale this company? That's very happy. But yeah, it's a it's a huge, like my girlfriend, she's very understanding. But same thing is because I get it like, you want attention to him. But because you're so involved with your business, it's hard to like, I have stuff to do. There's never there's never something for you not to do on your business or in your business ever. Basically. Yeah. There's something there's something you could work on advertising to help with. So that I would say and also to relationships are Hugh Mungus li more important like networking, networking news. Net worth is such a downst downplayed scenario of how much really good relationships can just completely expand where business and life can take you. So quick story night, I talked a lot. Real quick is so where I come from really small town Hibbing Minnesota, small population. The biggest house is probably worth $500,000, maybe, maybe maybe there's a couple that are worth like a male. There's like two of them. There's nothing mysterious about the town. We have Walmart and we have our Pizza Hut shut down. Our camp shut down. We have a mall with two stores that's probably could hold 30 There's nothing there. So coming from that going to a couple years after high school, it was on an event that we are for Joel Joe, great friend of ours. We're affiliate marketers for two. Being in a mansion is humongous, amazing mansion, we were served unlimited free drinks margaritas in Mexico, and an infinity pool that went into the Infinity hot tub that was overlooking the ocean to this unique surreal experience that literally to this day was almost fake. It was so amazing. Really like my dad do from where we came from. We had basically nothing it's like, is this real? Can you actually like, experience this life like we literally were like, I almost feel like I could grab grab the ocean or grab the air. It's a green screen. It was so good. It was green screen quality is you can experience such amazing things to friendships we made from that are infinitely important to us. We're friends with Joel we're lovers kids love his family he loved came up to see us. And everything that came out of it. That one experience that one relationship has created and plethora of opportunity that will continue to serve its purpose for 3040 5060 years. Yeah. So relationships, the right ones with really good people, if you just show people you care, or actually genuinely them and actually try to help them will usually end up turning out really, really well. Like it. Like yeah, I mean, it's another broad topic. Do you have any advice on keeping good relationships? Like if you do meet some cool affiliates, like how do you write contact? Like what do you do you send them funny, weird stuff, all that stuff. So I like also if I feel like and I'm horrible at this actually, I'm actually well known of my family and friends. I used to be really bad at responding to people just because I have so many thoughts going on through my brain. Even while I speak I'm thinking of things to say and ways to branch off while I'm speaking is that I don't have as much of a focus to remember certain things. So something I'd forget is to contact family, friends etc. So now I've done my best. And I keep doing my best to make sure whether it's a meme or a GIF, a picture of something from our past, every once in a while, I will just send for example, Joel textual, hey, this picture of us is from Cabo, we should go back for some time, or I'll text him, I'll give him a call, just give him a call. Just text, just stay. Even if it's more rare than you wish it was, stay consistent, and somewhat, try to keep just like business, follow up, follow up with people and show, hey, I'm not with you all the time. I'm not talking to you all the time. But I still care enough that I'm going to reach out to you, because that's what most people don't do at all is most people don't keep talking to and managing those relationships. Like most, most podcast hosts, I still talk to you afterwards, because oh, this, this dude, Rob's pretty cool. Or, you know, James is pretty cool. It's like, actually want to keep talking to this person. And also try to go, I believe, going above and beyond to actually truly serve and give to other people. So yeah, if you, like I said, with the with the ag world experience, I could have just made one video. I even told them, I made them free videos. But I also said, Hey, if you want me to make a sales webinar that you want to send to your list, I will make your sales webinar just for ad roll. Because I'm really good at making audits and things. So I want to give, give, give, give, if things happen for me. You can fantastic. I would love to say no to that. I won't, but if nothing happens, at least I was a good person. And I gave everything I did. And I did everything I could to be a good person and give myself to the world, which is the best you can do. Yeah, I love him. So I really liked the JV influencer marketing, that's what I'm calling it, because it's what I wrote down. But you know what I mean? Yeah, any other like tactics or like, you know, little gems, like, just for getting new business, you know, making more sales that we might not have touched on, right. So I'm gonna I'm gonna be doing that I think will go very well, is partnering with related companies to the products and services you're offering, to potentially be like the whole company, and their leads list be something that you share together. So for example, something I'm gonna try to do, which Wish me luck, I hope it works out is what kind of I think about what do does this business that I want to work with? What does their audience want that I can provide that's related together. So Kajabi, and any other CRM, they have a variety of business owners, their email list in the customer base surprises comprises entirely of mainly business owners, people are looking to grow a passion or business. So if I'm building for my examples, I'm building an all in one education platform for business owners to grow their business, doesn't it make sense for Kajabi to upsell them, or have them be sold something that helps them grow their business, and if I can even create training for them, that focuses on doing that with Kajabi tools, learning email marketing, learning affiliate marketing with with Kajabi tools, when they want to do that even more. So my idea is I'm going to try to partner with because that's another way is not even with just affiliates, but with almost like you're saying JV partners, with large companies who have similar audiences, how can I work with them to provide that for them, they provide for me, an audience base to promote to but I also serve their customers. So Kajabi, a high ROAs, which is tracking, getting a hold Alex Becker is very difficult though some of these people it's very difficult. leaving the country now so it'd be even harder. Yeah. Right. Right. So I'm trying to connect with anyone in the organization. Be kind be genuine, be very, I'm very non salesy. I'm not like, hey, my organization wants to partner with an organization, but we're gonna bring you five bajillion dollars in business. It's very, hey, so you guys have going on? I think that I could possibly serve your customers more, and you guys would be able to earn some good money from it. How can we just talk about this and see if there's any opportunity at all? If there isn't, I'll still give this platform, my kind of pitch. I'll give my entire platform of training to all of your employees in your entire company completely free just for talking with me. Yeah, so you have to have a weigh in you have to have a unique offer to get in with these kinds of businesses to make the relationships Yeah, and then give value like man, I'll dig Yeah, I while we chatted up man, we talked about a whole bunch of stuff I got I got two questions that I asked everybody that comes on the show, but before we get into that what's the best way for the audience watching and listening to get in your world and get in contact with you go to YouTube look up my name John Weinberg there's no h in the John so don't look it up with the H because you may not find me John Jon. Web ERG go to YouTube look me up or me on LinkedIn Facebook any socials and SUBSCRIBE Watch my stuff. That's all I ask. I don't really have anything to sell right now. It's just mainly follow me and I will try to teach you the best to optimize grow and scale your business to infinity in a year and then he's making good content so it really listening go check Go to John's YouTube channel, it'll be in the link notes below. So the two questions that I ask everybody, the first one catches some people off guard or whatever, but I'm writing a book about money. So I want to just know, do you have any tips on you know how to make more money, or how to lose less money or just any advice for anybody listening about money? I do. And I've also done the same, that's one of the two I have to write about your, because you have so much knowledge on it. That again, you think is common practice, but it isn't. Anyway, you're like, all these ideas that people need to actually use and apply this stuff. So number one, anything you learn from reading his book, just use it and do it is the number one thing like, like saving money seems like such a simple idea, but get so many people don't do it. Or number two, saving money in a place where your money actually grows on saving it, saving your money in the bank saving it. And there's, I'm not very familiar in this space. But there's some like, for example, some life insurance policies you can build, you can take out money anytime and earns interest. So screw the bank, I'm putting $100,000 in one of those as well. If you're a believer in crypto, crypto, long term, long term, very good, short term, pretty volatile. But long term. Number three spending within your means and realizing your means is smaller than you think the vast majority of people I mean, the vast that I know that struggle with money. Statistic came out that now I think it's true, the average person making around $250,000 A year is struggling with money, a good portion of them are almost living paycheck to paycheck. Like when I was first getting started, or when I was younger, and I was making 30k a year, how you making 250 and struggling. So expenses and not spending within your means is the biggest crutch that people lean on. And that will snap and break. Also usually involving with debt. If you have a lot of debt, number one, get a loan from a bank that has a lower interest rate to pay off those large credit card debts. Number three or five on when I'm on don't accumulate it in the first place. For the love of God. Spend within your means if you need to use a credit card, then do use it keep a small bounce, do not go above a certain threshold. Also, for example, me, I am supposed to do like this buy pay off every credit card statement in full immediately. Like oh, like I just got to gaming desktop, it was up to like my credit card was up to like $4,000 paid it off immediately. I don't want to keep onto that. And hold on to that because I know so many people that have racked up to huge numbers. And because you are paying so much interest, never pay the minimum payment. If you pay minimum payments on a credit card, you will basically pay it off for I think it's like between five and 10 years straight. If you just pay a minimum payment, you have to pay above it pay above and pay off as much as you can. Because I know some people who have credit card debt, who they almost cannot earn enough working full time overtime to pay off just the interest on that debt. Because the interest is also what's killing you because you're never actually even paying down the interest, you will pan it forever because you aren't paying it off. So make larger than normal payments, if you can double the payments of what you owe on a credit card. In general, spend between your means save money, don't blow it all. And if you can, which most people can invest, even if it's a little bit each month into stocks that yield I believe stocks that yield our best. So I don't have any off the top my head but just any stock that yields as a good foundation that you can do some basic research on anything that kind of yields goes money or at least isn't going to deflate like the bank account that lends it out infinitely, and profits extensively off of it. So do your best save, don't blow it all. And don't spend money to impress anyone I think the biggest crutch people have in general is thinking they need to look and present themselves as amazing nice and buying stuff just to make Josh or chucking down the block jealous of them or think they have money. People do that all the time. extensively the need to consume and appear worthy to other people. It's a self reflection of something that you need to work on inside that you shouldn't shouldn't worry about. Like for example Is it just me personally, I could go out and I have an actually I almost to my own extent of how I feel about it. Shouldn't have done it. Like I go out in public. I can be in my pajamas. I give zero care of what anyone thinks anytime like I'll go out with my girlfriend we'll go walk to the post office. I'm wearing pajamas I probably not even wearing underwear some of the time. Not not kidding. Because it because for me it's just I know what I care about most in life is all the stuff relates. I care about my family, my friends, my cute pup my two cats, giving the people not much else what I'm doing You're in for 10 seconds walking down the block, the post office doesn't really matter that much. And people I think need to realize that a lot of the stuff that you care about that you attach things to gotta let it go just care about what actually helps you grow your life, and that pays your bills. Yeah. Yeah, have that conversation with yourself and realize what those two what what were the books that you wrote? Well, one is I got them right next to me was finally Well, finally, wealthy, your simple guide to create massive wealth that appeared professional to cover all on Amazon self published. And the other one is right here. It's called 19. I wrote this when I was 19 years old, 19 lessons I have learned and I got a lot of flack for it from it from people who are older than me. Because like, Oh, you're 19 You don't know anything? I'm like, I haven't gone through the things maybe maybe necessarily, I probably have, but maybe not necessarily. But I've learned from watching other people older than me. Make those mistakes? Yeah. So I don't have to make them because I've watched and learned go, oh, you ended up bankrupt, you ended up not Coholic you ended up doing these different things because you didn't do these things that are took care of these problems yourself. Yeah. Cause the journey so 19. And finally wealthy, thank you for asking. Both can get them on Amazon. 19 is majorly kind of self help doing the things you shouldn't live to progress your life forward. And then as well finally, wealthy, by definition is covering financial health, your personal financial health and financial health and how to grow and manage your business as well. Sick. And then the last question I got for you is what motivates you, you know what really fires you up? What gets you going, making people smile and laugh. It is my number one. Genuinely, I love working with people like I could talk like this with you for I'm sure an infinite amount of time, every pocket, every podcast I go on, we go over the time limit. There's a couple of hours going like to two hours, like two three hours, because this is normally an hour, but we just kind of kept going. Because I love working with people. I love making people smile and people laugh. One because it just feels good. And two because where I grew up, or when I how I grew up, there wasn't like we were happy. I was happy with my brothers and stuff with my family. But there was a lot of divorce a really messy divorce my parents we were really broke all the time I was fighting with my brothers, there was a lot of chaos. And what came out of that always made us feel betters when we could laugh at literally anything. So make people laugh, have a good time, helping them accomplish something that they really want. Like my girlfriend, for example. She was one of the people who was broke paycheck to paycheck, and had nothing in her savings. And literally like every two weeks you have like 30 bucks left. And I'm like how do you live? She goes well I do this to do this. Go tell me this like we do with businesses we coaching to tell us like what do you do with your money? Where do you spend it? Where does it go? What do you you know, what are you doing with it and she goes well I buy clothes I buy this hide that and I was able to get her to now have she has a decent chunk it's always in your savings or checking is always never go blows goes below a certain amount. So something like that for the average person. That's life changing because you're not 24/7 worrying about money. For me, that's awesome. I helped my girlfriend just relieve stress, which probably is going to help not just your financials, but it's going to help her afford things better it's going to help her work with me and our relationship you name it so I love people people are what make the world go round business life relationships, you name it. More people you connect with better thank you. Like seems like you're the guy to go to for partnerships and things like that. So that could be your niche right there man. That's pretty cool. I try my best. All Right on man. Appreciate you coming on the show you got any last thoughts you might not have touched on before we kind of wrap it up two quotes, which one of them got retweeted and went viral by even Justin Timberlake ex wife pretty cool. Little known fact. Um, the first one which is kind of generic but I I wrote about it when I was first getting into business because as well as think about its aspire for progress, hunger for success, and strive for greatness, which has an obvious meaning nonstop, non stop, non stop, keep achieving more doing your best. And as well. Your attitude is not defined by your life. Your life is defined by your attitude, which I wrote thinking about what kind of the messaging is I think in life that's the most important and I wrote about in my book is that people think that your outside world dictates how you feel how you think how you act what you do two entirely, although it is very difficult. It is managed by your internal thinking what you do in here. There's something that Tony Robbins taught that I'll I try to teach others to is that how you think because you control how you think people don't realize that you control what goes on in your head. It's very hard sometimes that you get emotional but you can do it. How you think dictates how you feel. How you feel dictates the actions You take the actions you take dictate the results of senior life. So if you can entirely control this first function, the rest should fall like dominoes, some or most of the time because there is some luck in life there are some bad luck in life but for the majority of life, you dictate your thoughts and attitude and that will control your life. However you speak and field into the world. I like it, man. I like it a lot. Thank you. I think that was the show man mic drop at the end right there. But everybody listening and watching be sure to go check out John's YouTube. The link will be in the show notes. look good. Leave us some replies. Some comments. Share this with a friend if they want to learn more about business. Thanks, John, for coming on. Appreciate you so much and everyone have an absolutely amazing day. All right, talk to everybody later.


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