Ricardo Zulueta, Jr. is a serial entrepreneur with an educational background in Finance and has acquired knowledge in different fields from his business ventures in the influencer and fashion industries and a non-profit foundation for suicide prevention.

Based on his experience in losing his brother to suicide, he learned that most people don’t get sad or depressed because of their situation; it’s because of their perspective.

After talking to thousands of people about Fukitt, his inspirational brand, he learned that a negative perspective evolves into anxiety, depression, drug abuse, etc., and eventually suicidal tendencies. Everyone is exposed to inspirational content every day but they’re all meaningless unless you actually make a decision.

Even though the brand is pronounced [foo-kit], it persuades people to say “fuck it” without being offensive. It’s a phrase that we say only until after we’ve already made a decision to confirm that we are going to commit and follow through with a decision we just made. Our brand acts as a reminder and inspires people to make the decision to live life without regret and accept challenges worth the risk.

Depression, anxiety, drugs, suicide, etc. are results, not the cause. It’s impossible to solve any problems by remedying results instead of the cause. This is why he started, Start Day One, a non-profit to proactively help people’s mental health instead of reactively waiting for mental health issues or suicidal tendencies.

So, when you find yourself complaining or making excuses in your pursuit of happiness, it’s not because it’s impossible… You just haven’t decided to do it yet.

Fukitt Clothing | An inspirational brand with the mission to inspire and motivate people to make the decision to live life without regret and accept challenges worth the risk.

Start Day One | Nonprofit foundation for mental health and suicide prevention with the mission to inspire people to change their perspectives to stop dreaming of one day and start living day one, where we have a more proactive approach to helping people instead of reactively waiting for mental health issues and suicidal tendencies.

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