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How To Be An Entrepreneur Show Notes

How to be an entrepreneur. And if you listen to what I tell you, it's going to change the way you think. It's not just about business, but it's about actually taking control of your life. So the word entrepreneur, it's actually comes from French, a French word, which means to be self motivated. But as we've kind of come now into the future, the word entrepreneur typically means someone who starts runs and manages a business. But it's actually more than that an entrepreneur is a risk taker. Most people avoid risks. Most people react to life, an entrepreneur is someone who actually goes out there, and creates opportunities takes risk. And as the saying goes, Helen Keller life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all. If you dare nothing, then when the day is over, nothing is all you will have gained. The struggles we endure today will be the good old days we laugh about tomorrow, whoever takes the risk is going to eventually get the spoils. You know, that's kind of how it goes. And it's just very true in life. But most people are risk adverse. Most people want the comfort of life, they find something that works, and they never change. I don't want you to be like that I want you to, at least in some small way, take a risk on yourself, or else later down the road, you're going to regret all the things that you didn't do. I've interviewed a lot of old people, I've talked to a lot of people that are on their deathbed. And they always talk about the things that they wish they did. I don't want you to be that and I want you to go to your grave the world needs your business world needs your entrepreneurial drive. And for anybody listening, who's not an entrepreneur, it's still good to think this way. It's very powerful. So an entrepreneur is a risk taker. An entrepreneur is someone that creates value. An entrepreneur is someone who creates profitable businesses. That's my definition of an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur is someone who creates profitable businesses. Now, there's lots of good words in there, the first one entrepreneur will be talking about someone who's self motivated, self starting, really going to be very resourceful, creative and do lots of great things. The next one is create entrepreneurism is not something that just is gonna fall into your lap, you have to create it, you have to be the creator of your own reality. And to be a true entrepreneur, you have to create the reality and the business that you want to see in the world. No one else is going to write your book, you know, write your screenplay, open your business, create your website, somebody might make your website, but they won't have the idea for it. Okay, a profitable business profitable, blows people's minds, right? There's because human beings by nature, we are not, we're not profitable, be profitable, you have to produce more than you consume. Human beings are the opposite of that most human beings consume more than we produce. So to create a profitable business, your business has to generate more revenue than it consumes generate more products than it consumes. And then a business is a system of processes, and offers, serving and creating value for customers profitable means you have to generate more than it consumes. I think it's really powerful, though, to think about. So an entrepreneur for the definition of this program. And going forward, an entrepreneur is someone who creates profitable businesses. Now, here's the balance of becoming an entrepreneur and thinking like an entrepreneur, the balance is of three things. First, the balances the needs of your customers, you get all your money from your customers, you build the business for your customers to solve a problem, the second need, or the needs of your business, businesses, they consume things, they take a lot of money to run, you got to you got to keep the fuel in the engine, otherwise, it'll come to a halt. You got to pay for the lights, you got to get the office, you got to make the you got to make it work. Okay, so you got to balance the needs of your customers with the needs of your business. And then your needs. You as the entrepreneur, have to balance these three things to truly be successful. As an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur, though is someone who creates and that is a powerful thing that I really want you to also think about. But first we got to talk about balancing and that's really what we're gonna get into in this program. And the key things about being an entrepreneur is being resourceful. Okay, so you got to be creative. You got to be a good leader, and you got to be productive. Okay, those are the next topics that we're going to talk about today. We're just talking about, you know, what is an entrepreneur and how to think like an entrepreneur, and how to break out of the fixed mindset into a growth mindset. Now we have to talk about the world right now. Now back in the day, having a job meant security and safety. It doesn't mean that anymore. Really if you look around the job economy is struggling. Everyone who eat especially since this whole Auntie Rona showed up, things have changed. Member We used to be They're making people should go back to work now and buildings, and we hate that kind of stuff. And it's just become more of a gig culture, right, where we work at one job, we work in another job, you know, and we kind of bounce around. And in our lifetimes, we're probably going to change careers multiple, multiple times, and have to reinvent ourselves in many ways. So I want you to from now on, think of yourself, as an entrepreneur, no matter what, and the only way you're truly going to have security and safety in your life is if you create your own income and create your own business, as an entrepreneur that produces profits, so that you can afford to pay for your family so that you can feel comfortable in your life. And yes, it'll be a struggle, no one said, it's gonna be easy. But it's almost better to be able to bank on yourself and rely on yourself for your own incomes, to pay your own bills, than it is to get good jobs, get fired, do jobs that you hate, and get laid off and then have no skills for your future, the true milestone that you need to reach is having a profitable business that you own, that's yours. And I just want to point out, though, that the the job economy is struggling, things are changing is no longer safe out there to have a job and work it for 20 years and retire, whatever being an entrepreneur means you get to create your own success, you get to create your own failures. But you also get to create your own success when you win. And you only can fail if you quit, it's very important thing about so you got to master the skills of being an entrepreneur. And yes, it is a skill you do need to constantly be learning and constantly be growing. But if you truly want to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to master the skills of being an entrepreneur, and mastering the skills, being an entrepreneur is what we're going to get into. But I just want to tell you this one important thing that you need to think about, you can't make money in the past, okay, what you did back in the past is back then all you can do is make money going forward. So if you want to make more money in the future, you have to learn the entrepreneurial skills that are going to make you more money in the future no matter who you are. And the cool thing about nowadays, too, is that entrepreneurs are superheroes, we are the superheroes of the future. Elon Musk, Richard Branson, these are the people that the kids look up to that I look up to that you look up to Jeff Bezos, you know, they're all entrepreneurs, they took the risks, they started in the one. And then that's kind of who we want to be. And I think it's good that our kids out there and people out there are thinking like entrepreneurs, looking for new opportunities. Now, I want you to understand how being an entrepreneur works, if you've ever thought about a coral reef, or an Amazon jungle, they have all of their own little niches, right? They have their own ecosystems going on. And we've gone from, we've gone from the hard labor works to the knowledge and technology. And within these different ways of the world, there are all sorts of little ecosystems and little niches, that needs your help, that you can have a thriving business, providing value to these types of people within their own little niche. So it's just very important to think you don't have to have, you don't have to build rocket ships or build Amazon, you can find your own niche, something that you love doing something that means something to you that you understand the customers that you know how to balance the customers, the business and yourself. And you can dominate that niche. And you can live in that little ecosystem area and be super, super successful. Okay, so it can be anything, you are unique like everybody else, but I'm sure there is certain things that you love doing that you would be really willing to put more effort into, if you just knew how to monetize it. And you just knew how to turn it into a business. These niches are where the opportunities can be found. And no finding a niche is like makes you vomit and take a Tylenol whenever you're trying to pick your niche. I'm with you. But it's important to know that the riches are in the niches. And a niche isn't a bad thing, especially when you're just starting out. But I'm just trying to get to the point I want you to think about the ecosystems of business of society of life creating your own entrepreneurial ventures. You don't have to go huge and ridiculous. You can create your own small, little niche. And then just dominate that little niche in your own little ecosystem. And you can be highly profitable and you'll be you know, profitable, you'll be happy you'll be creating something you'll have the stability that you need in your life. Okay, now we're going to talk about opportunity. Okay. Entrepreneurs are the masters of creating opportunities. Here's what we need to know about opportunities, though. You're not always getting opportunities, opportunities. Others This is a cool quote from Charles Munger, opportunity is in frequent. You need to be ready when it comes. That's the quote from Charlie Munger. And I think that's super powerful. So entrepreneurs are masters of creating opportunity. You have to keep developing opportunities. You have to take advantage of opportunities before you are going to find your big opportunity in life. The thing about opportunities again is they're rare. They don't come around and they're not always in your face. You're not always missing huge opportunities. But this is why you have to be reading, this is why you have to be taking care of your health, this is why you need to be constantly trying to grow. Because when you do get this opportunity, when the big opportunity of your life comes, you truly want to jump on it and take that opportunity to the next level. Okay, most of the time, though, your big opportunity isn't there, most of the time, you just need to be focusing on what works. It's like business as usual. So if you're trying to always create all these big crazy things, you need to calm down sometimes and just focus on Okay, the the marketplace likes this kind of value from me. So I'm going to just keep focus on getting really good at that. But I'm gonna keep learning and keep growing. And when I finally do get my big break, when my big opportunity comes along, I'm gonna latch on to that they have to keep developing opportunities, you have to take advantage of opportunities, and you have to keep taking advantage of every opportunity you get, until eventually you get your big opportunity. Right, that's, that's like the key thing. And we have this weird problem in our minds, as human beings that we, I think the word is dichotomize. I might have butchered that. But we always see things either as black or as white, you know, good or bad. Okay, there was a article I read recently where Einstein said something wrong. And you know, as I'm reading it, I'm like, I'm sure you fuckin said things that are way more wrong than what Einstein said, the reality about life is that it's a lot more squishy, there's a lot more gray area, nothing is necessarily good or bad. And when we're creating a business, we tend to start things and then they don't work out right away. And we, we make a mess. It's like, whenever you make an art project, or you make a piece of art, there's always going to be a frickin huge mess before you finally get to the final piece. And most people give up before they ever get to the final piece, get to the final piece, chest and in the marketplace and get where you want to go. But when you're creating your opportunities, you're gonna have a lot of just making a mess. Because it's not necessarily going to be right there in front of you, you're not necessarily going to have the perfect idea. But in order for you to continually build up to getting your huge opportunity of your life and being able to jump on it, you have to try new things. You have to try different businesses, you have to try different offers, you have to test different landing pages, different email campaigns, different ads, it's all a process, different products, different markets, it's an experiment, and whoever can experiment the most will be the most successful entrepreneur. And, again, it's a process though. And this is how you create those opportunities. Because if you are constantly creating new opportunities for yourself, and whenever you do get an opportunity, you're able to jump onto it, you are going to be more successful, and you're going to be more prepared. When your big opportunity comes. Now there is a reverse side to this, where if you just say yes to everything, then you might miss out on actually getting to the big opportunity because you're too busy with all these little stupid opportunities. So it's a balance of being able to learn, experiment, and test things. And understand that most of the time, it's just work as normal. But always be hunting, having your eyes open for that next big opportunity. And when you see the big opportunity of your life, you have to be able to jump on it. You have to be available and ready for it. That is the key thing I want you to know about being an entrepreneur and creating these opportunities. You have to be ready for your big opportunity. And most of the time, it's just work as normal. But you always want to be improving always be learning. And because there's some other quote that says, When the opportunity does come does come, it's a lot better for you to be prepared. And to screw up that opportunity than to get a big opportunity and not be prepared. But most of the time, if you're prepared, and that big opportunity is there and you can jump onto it, you will be massively successful. The truth is being an entrepreneur and having a really a lot of success intersects at the place between chance and choice. So if you will make the choice to become an entrepreneur and to work ridiculously hard to be successful, the chances are that eventually the intersections will cross where chance and your big opportunity will meet you there. Now if you're just doing one job with no chance of promotion, one skill that has no way of scaling up you have to ditch that and put on your entrepreneurial cap, start a business, start an opportunity, start a side hustle and get the ball rolling but it is at the intersection of chance and choice. And again, most of the time you're not exposed to your big opportunity. But you have got to keep your eyes open and you can try every opportunity. You have to keep your eyes open And whenever you do get new opportunities, you have to be able to take advantage of them. And a lot of the times is not going to be the perfect fit, it's not going to be something that's like, oh, this could be an opportunity, or you're never going to find your dream client, a lot of people think, Oh, I'm just gonna get my best client and the clients can take it off with it, where the reality is, you're probably just gonna get a regular client one day, not going to think anything special, and then they will become your best client, because you were open to the opportunity and you took it on. Alright, you need to think about that most of the time, you should be focusing on what works, the Nolan value creating method always be growing. So that when the big opportunity does comes, you can take advantage of it. But you want it that I like that these words though, knowing value creating method. So that's like your regular skill, your regular career, but always have your eyes open for the next big opportunity. That's what being an opportunities Eric entrepreneur is all about. See entrepreneurs, I want you to think about this entrepreneurs are the developers of opportunity. And it is this skill that you can work work on, to get to success. And it is this skill that is going to come to you when you've gotten good at developing opportunities, that is the skill of being an entrepreneur, you will see one opportunity, and you will develop it into a new opportunity. And it'll either be massive success, or it'll fail or something will happen. But as soon as you get really good at creating more and more of these opportunities, you will begin to get the big opportunity of your lifetime, that's going to make you massively successful, that you're going to be able to take on. So the skill of being an entrepreneur is creating and developing opportunities so that you can be successful. And as soon as you've gone through this a lot. I know we've heard about the stories of people starting businesses in the garage and making a million dollars. But if you actually talk to entrepreneurs, you actually talk to the story. And the way that they made it to their success is they tried lots of different things, they got really good at developing opportunity after opportunity, and they saved a little bit of money. That is the skill. So to create and become a better opportunity developer, you just have to understand that normally, it's business as usual. But you always have to be working on some new opportunity that you think is really good. And as you learn new, try these new opportunities, you're going to stack these different kinds of skills, you're going to stack these different kinds of relationships, you're going to stack these different kinds of things until you eventually create a character and a life around you that is open to new opportunities that people are just going to come to you and it's just going to work for you. And you're going to become a successful entrepreneur, and success is going to come to you when you've gotten good at opportunity development. Now I'm teaching you all of this number one, so you can start businesses, but also so you can take control of your life. So you can really take more control of your life and have your willpower and use your willpower to take control of your life. And actualize your greatest potential in life. Because if you think about it, being an entrepreneur is doing what you can do and creating it in real life. And if you can create something in real life, it will be your greatest creation, and you will be able to actualize your best life. That is powerful stuff right there. So basically, to summarize, to be an entrepreneur, you have to create your own opportunities, and then mind them for success, while constantly looking for bigger opportunities taking you to that next level. So if you really want to become an entrepreneur, this is what I want you to take away from this, you know, you really have to ask yourself, why do I want to become an entrepreneur? You know, sure to make more money is good, but it's not really gonna get you to the next level. So you really have to understand why do you want to become an entrepreneur? For me, freedom. For me, it's, you know, making something amazing. I want to create brilliant work. I love thinking deeply, really creating something that's going to have an impact on not only my life, but other people's lives. And then the next thing I want you to do is I want you to visualize what it will look like when your entrepreneurial goals are achieved. Really picture what it is going to look like in your mind. Alright, what kind of car are you driving? What kind of house do you live in? What kind of thoughts are you thinking of? What kind of clothes do you wear? What are you doing? And what are you what is your schedule? What is your habits like? So visualize this, and then I want you to send it into the air and watch it explode into 1000 pieces. And tell yourself that you have to create it now and you have to start working on it today. I'm excited to talk to you guys in the next one. All right.

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Entrepreneurial Creativity

Entrepreneurial Creativity Transcript

Hello, we're gonna be talking about entrepreneurial creativity today, because creativity is one of the most powerful things that we can actually do with our conscious mind, this is an incredibly powerful episode, you need to listen you need to watch. So be sure to tune in, get a piece of paper out. So you can take some notes, and enjoy. So creativity, right, so basically, the first episode was how to be an entrepreneur that was before this, so be sure to check that one out. But basically, now we're going to be talking about the main characteristics to become a successful entrepreneur. And these are the ones that I think it's creativity, productivity, and leadership. And we're really going to dive deep into all these different topics so that you can be absolutely your best entrepreneurial self. And to be an entrepreneur, you have to, you know, take risks and do a lot of stuff that we talked about in the last episode. But now we're specifically going to be diving into creativity. And using our imagination, Imagination is more important than knowledge for knowledge is limited. Whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress giving birth to evolution, very, very powerful. So basically, creativity. And the ability to think creatively is more important than knowledge, says Einstein, one of the smartest people in the world. So if you're not too much smarter than Einstein, you might want to take a little little nugget from there. All right, the key thing of creativity, and the first part of it is creating. So creating is creating something new, creating something fresh, something that wasn't necessarily there before you saw it in your mind, you did the work and you created something new creativity is connecting new and different things together in different ways producing something new creativity is connecting new and different things together in a different combination, and producing something new. The main thing that people have a hard time with with creativity is well, it's actually in the producing something new, we have a hard time with the new our our monkey brain, the part of our head, that evolved in this world is evolving very quickly. And we get stuck in these patterns, we were very habitually lazy, we want to take the easy road, and it's nothing against us. It's just how we're programmed, we want to use burn as little calories as possible, we want to think as little as possible. And the idea of creating something new is frightening. It's not it's not typical. And the hardest part about it, for most people to think creatively, to be creative, is to you have to believe it. Before you see it, you have to go and create the belief, and you have to generate it yourself, you must believe it before you see it. Most people have this idea in their head like well, once I see it, I'll believe it. And that's not that's not what creativity is. Creativity is so much deeper than just art. And, you know, business and things like that. Creativity is literally creating the life that you want to live creating your own reality, you must believe it before you see it. That's how you're going to construct a chair out of a bunch of wood, it's how you're going to make a business out of a bunch of ideas and systems and processes. You know, it's how all things in the universe work. It's very wild. If you want to be truly creative, though, you have to find different ways to create new and different things. And as well as connect new and different things. That's the overall idea of what creativity now if you truly want to become creative, you have to escape the fixed mindset and step into a growth mindset. The fixed mindset says that the world is a certain way, and we cannot be changed. The growth mindset says, the world can be changed and I can make a difference. Or I can make a difference in my world. I can change things in my world, nothing is fixed, nothing is what they say it is. Most people have, I don't know if most people have a fixed mindset, I feel as if most people have a fixed mindset, they have no idea that they can make a huge difference in their lives at any moment in their in their lives. Whereas to be a entrepreneur to and to have a creative mindset, you have to have this growth mindset. And this is the biggest, biggest, biggest thing I want you to think about when it comes to business. Some people have probably tried a side hustle, some people have maybe tried to start a little business and failed. Maybe people have gone all out and done as many crazy things as I have. And the thing that people get stuck on is they try something for a little while. And then they think they get stuck. So they have a little burst of growth mindset. And then they try things. And then they convince themselves that it's fixed that the world is just stuck, as opposed to consistently having that growth mindset inside their mind that says, Okay, well it's not stuck. We just need to work and grow past this. To even get kind of weirder. It's like we have all these video games right where you can get to the next level and the next level and the next level. And if you work really hard and you'd get enough experience points you'll level up. But a lot of people in their lives they get to a hard level, and they give up, they park, they park their car. And if you want to get to the next level, it's just like anything in life. It's just like video games. It's just like, it's just a law of nature that if you consistently work to get to that next level, if you gain experience points, sorry to use the video game metaphor, but it's pretty perfect for this, you will get to the next level. But most people quit. Most people, maybe when they're young, they have a growth mindset. Most people even think that they have a growth mindset. And yet they park their car and they don't believe in themselves enough to get to the next level. Or they get lazy, or do they have excuses is what I'm trying to get at. They don't You don't want to have excuses, you want to always be thinking, okay, how can I get to the next level? What how can I open my mind, when your business gets stuck, you don't quit, you don't shut it down, you figure out how to get around this situation and you grow it to the next level. If your marketing isn't working, you need to experiment more, you need to get more creative part of creativity is about creating your own reality. But you, you do have to check in every now and then with reality. This is the balance. And just like many things in life, if you're too lost in lala land, I've been here. Just creating, creating, creating, creating, and you're not actually connecting it with reality, then you're just gonna be off creating something that is not connected to anything, it's not in an area, it's not rhyming with life, you're just creating your own imaginary world, basically, where you think everything is going to work out. And you're not actually communicating with like your customers, you're not actually finding problems and solving it, you're just building something that you created. So you have to have this balance of insane growth and creativity, as well as checking in with reality every now and then checking in to make sure that what you're creating is necessarily creating, that's going to have the most the biggest impact. You know, and if you're talking about business, this mostly comes down to talking to more of your customers and figuring it out. I talked about this in the last episode. But the thing is, you have to balance as an entrepreneur, to balance the needs of your customers, you have to balance the needs of your business, and you have to balance the needs of yourself. These are very, very big. But when we're creating our own reality, with creativity with an entrepreneur, mindset and a growth mindset, we have to make sure that we check in with reality. And we validate our ideas. That's what I'm trying to get at be very creative. But you also have to validate your ideas like a scientist in the real world. This is not a fantasy game, stuff I'm saying is very real validation. So if the test your ideas in the world, you have to be extremely creative. And still, check in with reality, validate your ideas, and test your ideas in the real world to be truly successful and truly creative. The interesting part about this whole creativity dynamic is that it's actually fairly new. It started with the Greeks, you know, with stoicism. That wasn't that long ago. And the Greeks were the first ones that really came up with this concept of Think for yourself, think for yourself and thinking for ourselves is not what we want to do. Like I was saying before, we like to get into these habitual patterns, and get stuck in these loops. And that's all we do for all of our lives. And just like to make it come home, it's like look at your dogs look at you look at your pets. Ask yourself, Do they really think very much do they think for themselves very much. I think that dogs try and think as little as possible, you know, you tell them to sit, they'll sit because you're telling them what to do with it. They like that. They like to go on walks and just kind of be in the moment, right? But they don't, they don't think so as a human being this new concept of being able to think for yourselves and be truly creative is a masterpiece. If you've ever seen the movie 300 or read the read the book, you know, it's all about how the India was coming into Europe, and they had this great war and India, India would have won, they probably would have been slaved the whole country, and we wouldn't have had this great mental breakthrough of being able to think for yourselves, it really just makes that war and that whole thing even more powerful and cool to think about. But really having this idea of from from the Greeks philosophy of Think for Yourself note, think like everyone else does, and come up with your own ideas is a revolutionary concept that really hasn't been around that long. So it's okay if you're not the most creative person or if you don't think for yourself all the time. But it's a it's hard is what I'm trying to get at. And this is why most of society is struggling to think for themselves to think outside of the box to do creative things. But it's just like anything in life if you work on it. If you have a muscle if you can learn as much as you possibly can and make your own decisions. You're going to be more creative and you're going to get further along in life. So when you're doing creative things, you're actually doing something new. And humans don't like doing new things. That's what I'm trying to get at. So when you feel that creative urge There's always going to be this big mess. And then at the end that's going to come out beautiful, but you can't quit until you get to that final product. Creativity is an art, it's new. And we are scared of new things. So it's natural. So when I'm trying to get is it's very natural for you to feel fear and uncomfortability. When you're starting a new creative project, when you're starting a new business, when you are creating a new marketing campaign, it is good. And it is natural. For you to understand that this is new, it is uncomfortable. If you're starting a new job, if you're starting a new skill, it is new, if the start, where do you start, and you have to just accept that that is part of it. Put the ego aside, be creative, get weird. Now I want to talk about something really cool. So I've been studying creativity for a long time, I should probably write, I wrote most of the book, I need to finish it. But when I was studying my creativity, I really found this incredible, incredible way to think about it, that there are two different types of creativity. Okay, there's proactive creativity, and then there's reactive creativity. So reactive creativity is solving problems, and figuring things out as they come. This is a big problem with most of business and society today is we have a very reactive way of solving problems. Now there are people who are amazing, amazing, amazing, at reactively. Being creative and solving problems, more interesting. Creativity is the proactive creativity. This is the person who sets time aside to proactively be creative, not just reactively creative. I do this every Saturday, I've made this a goal of mine, you know, that's I have some big projects, there's I'm stupid. But almost every Saturday, I just take the time to be creative to think creatively. And honestly, it's usually just me, looking sitting around and people thinking I'm weird with a pen and paper, just writing ideas, coming up with new ways to connect things, new ways to create things, new ideas, new concepts. And I try and do this proactively every Saturday. But this idea of being proactively creative is something that I love. Because creativity is the highest faculty, I believe, of our conscious mind, the ability to zoom out the ability to zoom in the ability to think upstream and downstream, we're going to talk about that later in the episode. But this idea of being able to just be creative, and come up with new fresh ideas is very powerful. And if you just act on some of the ideas that you get that you feel the most energy towards the most kid like energy that will bring you the most joy and will make you the most successful, that can change your life. Anytime I don't care where you're at. If you're at absolute rock bottom, or even below rock bottom, you can start creatively thinking of new ways to get out. If you're at the top, you can start to creatively think about what's going to make me fall back down or what's going to take me to that even next level and break through your glass ceiling. This is incredibly powerful to be a proactive person in your creativity. This is how you're going to come up with great marketing campaigns. This is how you're gonna come up with great business plans. This is how you're going to get ahead of your competition. Creativity is the last legal advantage that we have in this world on our competition. Now I want to talk about creativity and success, the path to success is usually not obvious. And it is typically counter intuitive. We say that, again, the path to success is usually not obvious. And typically counter intuitive. If you have a wheat in your pocket, what is the natural human instinct to do it would be to eat it. If you're hungry, you eat it the counterintuitive way. And the way to be successful is you're going to take that out of your pocket, you're gonna plant it in the ground, you're gonna water it for months and months and months and take care of it. And then it's gonna blossom. And that will be success. It's counterintuitive, when somebody you know, is mad at you to apologize to say that you understand them and hear what they're saying. It's counterintuitive to be an entrepreneur. That's I'm trying to get out. But the road the path to success is usually it's not obvious. It's not typically. And it's counterintuitive, doing things over and over and over being in control of ourselves. And this is the part where most people fail. Because in order to be truly creative, it requires sacrifice. To create something brilliant, it requires sacrifice. That's the part that most people don't like. That's the part that most people are not willing to do. That's the part that most people say, Well, I can't be creative, because I'm not willing to sacrifice what it needs to be to create something new because it's too scary. It's too weird. It's too different. I like what I like, and I don't do anything different. You know people like that. It's ridiculous. But if you want to truly be creative, you're required sacrifice, and you have to think, broad, we're gonna use the word meta. And I'm not talking about fucking Facebook and Mr. Zuckerberg, I'm talking about meta, the word meta means to be able to think on a higher level. And before we get into that, I want to talk about this really an interesting concept. There's a scientist doing research on animals in a zoo. And basically what would happen is they, when they're young, we would kind of be in the zoo, they would, you know, have lots of energy. But then as they grow older, they would realize the constraints of their environment. And they would become kind of depressed and lethargic and lazy, because they can't get in nature, they can't go out into the wild. And the scientists basically made a metaphor for us as human beings were, as opposed to us being in the zoo, we lock ourselves in our house, and we trap ourselves in our own zoo every night. And then we wonder why we're lethargic and depressed. And it's, and we automatically we know that if we go out in nature, we eat right, the right kind of foods, that we feel better. And this disconnection, from reality is something that keeps people from being creative, keeps people from getting out of their comfort zone, we trap ourselves in our zoo, and we become lethargic, and we eat shitty food. So just, it's just something to think about. If you keep doing the same things, that is the enemy of creativity. familiarity, is the enemy of creativity. stagnation, is the disease of our society right now. If you stay stagnant, you will die. All disease, all illness comes from stagnation, you have to get out there, try new things, even if it's weird, even if you don't like it. And this idea of comparing a city to a zoo, and our houses, to our habitat that we trap ourselves in every night, personally makes me disgusting. But it's something that we need to talk about, we need to think about. And we need to break out of this routine, if we truly want to be creative to do familiar, is the enemy of creativity. And now I want to talk about something even crazier, this is the order of existence. This is very powerful. In a physical world, if you have some atoms together, put those atoms together, then they become a molecule, you put those molecules together, then they become a cell, you put a bunch of cells together, then they make up some tissues. You put all those tissues together, they make up Oregon's you put all those organs together, you create a human being, or an animal. Now I know you probably lost you here, you like, well, I thought we were talking about business. This is the breakthrough that you need to truly understand how to be successful in business. This is the larger meta version of thinking on a higher level to create the business of your dreams and truly be successful. Now in order of existence, if you damage the upper levels, right, if you damage an Oregon like it's, it's bad, but it's probably not going to kill you. But if you damage something on a lower level, if you start messing up atoms, and the entire body will die. This is very profound. So the upper levels, you don't you know, if you mess with them, you're not going to make a lot of a difference. But if you go down to the lower lower levels, and you get very microscopic with this, you can make massive impacts on things. Orders of existence aren't just in human tissues. It's like a book, okay? It's like you first you have the words, words become sentences, sentences, turn into paragraphs, paragraphs, turn into pages, pages, turn into chapters, chapters turn into books, once it becomes a book, you cannot say that that book is just words. The book is its own thing. It's its own reality, its own creation, this whole idea is taking all the small things, and when you put them together, you create something more it goes with human connections as well. If you just have two people working on a project, sure, it's, it's double the power. But if you bring in a third person, you're tripling the power, you're you are creating synergy, you are building something bigger. And now it's something more than just two people. So if you ever gonna have a partnership, I recommend having three people involved that way. There's always someone to bounce off ideas and talk about the other person when they're not around. But going meta is being able to see things and thinking on a higher level. And this is the most powerful part about being creative and using your consciousness for creativity. Thinking on a higher level, being able to zoom out and look from the you know, 1000 foot view on your business on the projects that you're building, you're going to be able to see the different orders of existence inside of a business inside of a system and this is called emergent, okay, so if you We put all the words together in the sentences, and then they become a book that is called emergent properties. And it's, it's, it's amazing, when you put a lot of things together, they become something different than they were before. Another metaphor is, is like an ant colony, if you take one out, and ants out into a field, and you leave in there, he'll die. Okay? It's sad. But true, if you take all the ants, the whole ant colony, all millions of them, you place them in the middle of nowhere, they will act as if they are one living organism, and they will be able to work on it. Something like 80% of all the living material in the rainforest is ants, which is crazy to think about. And they think and they move is one living organism. So if you take one little ant, that is that is an ant. But when you put them together, they are a colony of ants. And they live and breathe, and they work together to keep the colony alive, and they become something different than just ants, they are a colony, here's the most important this is why this is important to success. Because what I'm trying to say, see, success is not a result, it is an emergent of a on a higher order, it's not a simple result, because this is this is why it comes down to business. Because in order to truly be successful, you have to understand and be able to zoom out and look at it on a bigger picture, you have to see that it's not just one thing, it's not just one tiny part of your business, that's going to be able to make your business be entirely successful. It is a an A, a collection of lots of things coming together to make a successful business, if you just make an amazing ecommerce website, but you never promote it, you'll never succeed. Whereas if you're promoting it, getting better packages, talking to customers shipping and making it an experience, that's when it becomes a business, that's when it becomes real. Another important term is meta, which means thinking on a higher level, or zooming out or being able to zoom in, or is being able to see things from a higher perspective, we practice a skill that often allows us to see the world differently. And that allows us to be successful. So an example like if you're making a software company, you're going to be able to zoom out and see it from a million views foot view and realize, okay, this is just a simple software that works in this ecosystem that helps businesses do this. Or you can zoom in really, really in depth and say this is specific programming line of code that's really next level that's going to make this whole business possible. So zooming out, and being able to zoom in here is incredibly powerful. And we're talking about this because here's why being able to think meta or at higher level, and emergence are so important to business success is not a cause and effect result. It is a emergent, it happens naturally, when you put together a unique set of components. Alright, so a lot of people think that success is just a simple result of cause and effect. Okay, but it's not, it's not a simple cause and effect result. It's an emergent on a higher order. In every area of life, health, relationships, or money. Success is always an emergent. Most people try to do one thing and hope it causes success as an effect. But that's not how it works. Even becoming a successful entrepreneur isn't a cause and effect relationship. Entrepreneurship emerges when you put a certain skill and behavior in place. And we'll talk about more of that in this program. But it's like when you're trying to build a business, it's not just one thing that you do. It's a emergent of putting all these different systems and processes together, that's truly going to be able to create an entrepreneurial business. Just like as for a business for yourself, being able to think about the skills you need to learn to be a successful entrepreneur is going to take you to those different levels. So if you're just thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur, you're gonna have to learn many different things. And when you learn all these things, and create, make yourself more valuable, and you put them together, that's when you're going to finally reach success. If you truly want to be like a successful entrepreneur, you're going to have to learn how to do copywriting web design, how to create a funnel, how to create an offer, how to get people's attention, how to create video content, how to write emails, and all these different skills, though, that you're going to learn over your lifetime. Once you finally put them all together. And you're going to have a successful emergent because you're going to put them all together and have them all work simultaneously to truly be successful. So this is just going to help you think bigger, be more creative, and understand that putting all these skills together is what's going to create success for you in your own up Nouriel journey, I still like the idea of being able to think upstream as well as downstream of your business. If you're gonna think upstream, you're gonna think what's gonna happen, once they buy my product? How is their life going to transform? And then everything downstream with your business, you're gonna say, Who are the people that are suffering, that really need this sort of offer? What would it be like to think from their perspective, that's another big thing about creativity, is taking different perspectives of what people are going to see. And think on your business. This is a really great proponent of being a great marketer. And as I talked about before, in the show, there's three key things that you need to think about, you need to think about the needs of your customer, the needs of your business and the needs of you. And it's also important to visualize and see through the perspective of your customer see through the perspective of what people see when they see your business. And then once they're in your business, what what it's like and then also understand your perspective, and also visualize what it's going to be like when you finally have your entrepreneurial success. But seeing things from a different perspective is a very key thing of creativity. Think about your business. Think about being either proactively creative, or reactively. Creative, start to think differently, escape group thinking, start to think for yourself, and purposefully go out of your way to be a creative human being, and to think for yourself, and to come up with unique ideas and combined things in new and different ways. This is how you can truly be creative. And again, creativity is the last legal advantage that we have on our competition. Almost all of these cookie cutter businesses are only here for a moment. But if you can truly create something creative, that can stand the test of time, and put in the work and then not quit and help ask me for help. I'll work with you and make it happen. That's how you can truly have entrepreneurial success. are the next ones we're going to be talking about is entrepreneur, entrepreneurial productivity, and entrepreneurial leadership. I hope this is really helpful. If you guys leave me some comments and likes, I'll make more content on creativity. I did a whole a whole 20 episodes back in the day on it. I wrote a whole book. I'm a very inspired by creativity type of person. I feel like I'm one of the more creative people in the world. I hope I gave you some nuggets of enlightenment, and that you take what you learn today and you implement them. Alright, talk to you in the next one.

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