Hello, and welcome to the lyon Show. Today I want to talk about focus. So I was reading an article about Warren Buffett the other day. And it really stuck out to me. So there was a guy who went to one of Warren Buffett's concert or concerts, Warren Buffett's things, I guess. And he was talking to him. And he was like, you know, Warren, I have all these ideas and all these great ones. How do you determine what are the best things to work on? Warren Buffett told him All right, well, first, make one row of all your goals, all your dreams that you really want to accomplish all your goals. And then he said narrow them down to 25. Right. And then from those 25 pick, which are the five most important goals And the guy was like he did this exercise. And then he brought it back to Warren Buffett, he says, okay, so these are my five most important goals. And then here's 21 other ones that I'm going to do eventually. And then Warren Buffett essentially told him, he circled the five. So these are the five that you need to do. And then he crossed out the other 20. And he said, these are the things that you cannot work on, no matter what. And I think it's just so powerful. Because like, basically what he's saying is, if you have to focus on these five, you have to force yourself not to focus on these other 20 you have to pick which is the best for you because you can only do so many things. In life, you can only do so much energy into things, you know, we have this work energy and life, energy and We can only give so much, unless we're really good at using other people and having other people do their focus. And the problem with that is it's hard to find people that will actually put their wholehearted effort into your projects, you know, unless it's something bigger than yourself, which is why doing things bigger than yourself is very important. So it just got me thinking, you know, I'm trying to make 10 websites right now, and turn them all into 1000 bucks a month. So I'm making 10,000 bucks a month passively. That's my goal. And it's hard, literally, in the slug of it right now. Putting them all together so that they can scale like I want to professionally make them all so that eventually, I can scale them and I can just blow them all up and I can make 10,000 bucks a month passively. And I can work on my other passion projects, and just keep you know, living that good life. So, a few things that I did. Where I screwed up recently is I'm somebody who's like all in all or nothing, right. So the first thing I did was tell you how it is. I got this. So Frank Kern is an idol of mine. He had this vault about his course. And then he had this offer, where if you pay 400 bucks a month, you can get access to all of Frank Kearns past courses. And I'm like, I fucking love Frank Kern. Everything he says is gold. He's a cool, dude. So I opted in, right? But I'll tell you guys a secret. I don't want to pay 400 bucks a month.
So what I did is I opted in. And then I just crammed all his information every course he's ever had I listened to in like, less than a month because they were gonna do 400 bucks in a month. I have the luxury of doing that, because I can make money. While I learned while I listen, that's kind of what I do. But it was also good. Had to listen to it multiple times, there were parts where I had to really sit down and watch it, you know, but I just crammed all of it. And I wound up burning myself out. And it's frustrating when you burn yourself out. Because what one but then what was funny is I actually implemented some of the stuff that he taught me and I made, you know, a couple thousand bucks, so it totally would have been worth paying 400 bucks, but I had already had it in my mind. Like, I'm just going to cram all this all these courses, and then I'm just going to not pay. So that's what I did. And I wound up just like getting so into it. Going through all the motions, implementing quite a bit of it. And then my brain was just like, Alright, that's enough about marketing.
You can't physically handle anymore information. And don't worry, I'm gonna teach everybody Everything I learned, but it was just one of those experiences where I went too hard. And I, I always go too hard, you know, and there's, there's always all this motivational chat about, you know, you can push yourself, you can fucking wreck yourself, you can do it push yourself harder. But it does come to a point where you can just burn the fuck out on something that you love. And then you have to find that ability to reengage refocus, you know, or at least take a break, you know how to rest. The other thing that I did is while I was traveling in Colorado, I turned 500 bucks into 5000 bucks. And I did this with my art stuff. And it was epic. But I worked myself so hard. My body hurts. You know, I was just tired. My relationships are sketchy for a little bit because I was just being a dick because I was overworking myself. But that's what I was focused on. So I did those two things while trying to launch 10 websites. So this is where figuring out how you work best, can really allow you to focus and really get things done. all that's happened is I've made a lot of money. And now I can really focus on creating these websites. But at the same point, like I said, I'm burnt out, and I have to find that extra drive. But I also have to learn how to rest. You know, you have to learn how to take care of yourself, take care of your mind, your body, your life energy, and then be able to go forward, if you're doing it immaturely. If you're not knowing of what you do best, you know, so that you can get back into your focus groove. You know, you're you're off, you know, you're not on.
essentially you're not, you're not totally doing the best you can so what I have works is when I need to get back into new focus back into re launching myself, you know, first I have to take a little bit of time, where I just, I can't think about work, I can't do anything work related just for a small period of time. And then what I found works is I do like a 24 hour fast or a 48 hour fast. Now, what's interesting about this, and I'm just now really starting to fall in love with is when I do the fast, yes, to struggle for my body. You know, everybody likes to eat food, some of those pleasures, but I never realized how well my mind functions while I'm fasting because, you know, in all the books, they say that it takes so much energy for you to use your brain and digest food at the same time. Plus, most of the food that we eat nowadays is so full of shit, that it really blocks essentially how you truly function so In order for me to get back to, to being able to be focused, I found that this these 24 hour and 48 hour fasts have truly been kind of revolutionary. I never knew how clear I could think and how well, I could get myself back to being focused. So essentially, what I do is I wake up, take a cold shower, and I did one of these fasts, and I did as much computer stuff as I could. But while I was doing the fast, they also knew that I should take it easy, and I should just not necessarily push myself because I'll burn out of willpower at the end of it. But wall, I was doing this fast, I was able to think so clearly. And I was really able to take that time to write in my journal, step by step plan for the next 12 weeks, right for what I'm going to do to get myself to have massive success. The next 12 weeks. I like to do the 12 weeks because I read this book called The 12 weeks Here, okay, the 12 week year essentially, first, you plan all your goals out for the year, right? And then not plan them out. But you, you think about what would be the best outcome that you could get out of this year. And then you figure out first how to do in the year, and then you figure out how to do that year in 12 weeks. So basically, break down your year into quarters. And then each quarter, you try and push your work your business for a whole year, in those 12 weeks. In order to do that you have to have a plan. In order to do that. You have to know what your success is going to look like. You have to know what the steps are. These are the things that really helped me stay focused, whenever I'm trying to, you know, take over the world or whatever I'm trying to do. So. I basically say, Okay, if I did all these things by the end of the year, what would that look like? What would what would my success look like? And then I just write down what would have to happen for all the happen. And then I just like, smash it down and then I narrow in on each week, what I'm what I need to get done what I need to do. And if I don't achieve those, I don't beat myself up. It's not about that it's about knowing each step, knowing each plan, knowing where you're going, and having that focus to pull you through. And then also understanding that if you burn out, you're going to be fine. These are the things you have to do to get back on track to get back in the game to push yourself for the next steps for the next thing you have to overcome for the next you know, hurdle that happens. So basically where I'm at now, and I'm actually in this weird phase where I just crushed all my goals, and now have like nothing to do for a week. So I'm gonna make a shitload of content. And I'm gonna keep working on these websites. And then after this week, my 12 week year is gonna kick off and I'm just going to be you know, go go go and like freakin get a haircut. I'm going to get some shit done. But I really enjoy this. And then I've also found other hacks for how I work. And I think it's important, you know, some hacks for how you work. Like I've tried every notebook in the whole frickin world. But if I like just blank sketchpads I've also tried all sorts of different organism organizations stuff. And it turns out I just like really plain vanilla folders that I can actually hold my hand and look at. And then I have my notes on my phone a certain way and I have my folders on my computer in a certain way so that I know when I'm working on one project at a time, I can have one folder, one notepad if I need on my phone and one thing folder open on my computer, and that really makes it a lot easier for me to know how I'm going to focus on what I'm doing. And then the next best thing that I've also figured out, is just do one thing at a time. I've tried for years to be this multitasked person because I'm gonna tell you the truth. doing more than one thing at a time feels so good. You know, they don't talk about that in all of the like, time management books. And I'll tell you how good it feels just to get all sorts of shit done at the same time. But when I'm truly doing what I want, and I'm truly focused, if I just do one thing, and then at a time, and then I move on to the next thing, and I get that one thing done the right way, all the way through, I find it's a better quality. It's more than it would be if I was trying to do everything at once. And it just is really important that I get that one thing done. And I know that that's what I'm focused on. When I sit down at my computer. I know that's what I focus on when I go to work, you know. So, having these one things every day, and having your 12 weeks planned out, really helps me focus and then also knowing that when I rest, I have to rest super hard When it's not just it's about resting your mind, it's about resting your body. It's about resting your life energy. And it's about resting even the field around you the environment around you. So these have been the keys to my success when it comes to trying to be truly focused when it comes to trying to master my life, my productivity, my time, my energy. These are a few hacks and of course, this won't be the first last time I talked to you guys about it. But this is what's working for me. I hope it was helpful for you. And yeah, if you got any value out of this content, please share it on your social media. Just share it with your friend, tell somebody about it won't be the last we didn't teach everybody how to make quite a bit of money, how to create a global show. That's my new goal is I want this show all over the world. And the best way for that to happen is if you help become part of the line Show family, check out my website. Then that have a great day. Talk to you later. Bye




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