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For the last decade, Greg has been a Founder, bootstrapping his way to launching, building and scaling two 7-figure companies. Direct-Response Growth Marketing Agency, which Generated millions of new users and leads for clients in various industries using paid media; and a Direct-to-Consumer electronics brand that went from $0 to $2M USD in sales in less than 12 months. Greg Built and led teams of direct response copywriters, media buyers, sales funnel builders, influencer marketers, conversion rate optimization specialists, etc. to profitably manage 7-figure ad campaigns for internal & external clients. He Profitably launched & scaled user acquisition and D2C Sales campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube, Email, Influencer marketing and Print Advertising with over $20M in ad spend. Greg has also served in the Canadian Military, where he Led and supervised teams of up to 60-90 members. Greg is most fulfilled when he is helping other Founders. and his motto is “We only rise by lifting others”.

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