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Money Skill #1

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upload all my podcasts and my YouTube videos, live streams, my blog articles, just all the important stuff on there so be sure to check it out. Today we are talking about the first law in the seven laws of money.

So let me give you the money laws real quick. Number one is value it number two is manage it or control it. Number three is save it. Number four, invest it. Number five, make it number six shield it and number seven is Share it. Now. These are very powerful. They're are going to separate you from the sheep and make you become a lion. With your finances. I am on a mission to help as many people financially as I humanly can. And the best way that I can do that is by teaching you everything for free. So be sure to tune in, listen up, stick around, break out your pens and pencils, and let's get started. So the first rule value it is just how important your money is. If you value your money, you'll realize that you want to start saving right away. If you start saving today, even just $1 in I think 40 or 50 years with you know, 10 20% interest on it, you'll be a millionaire just $1 a day. If you could figure out how to do that, you're gonna be a lot better off with any interest with any level. Whereas what most people do is they make money, and they spend every penny and then some, everybody has credit card debt, everything going insane. So literally what I did today to embed this in my own life is I went to TD Ameritrade. And I didn't, I already have an account, but I got back in, I checked it out. But I set it up to take out of my bank account weekly $7. That's just $1 a day. And for $1 a day, they'll just automatically take it out of my bank account, I won't even have to think about it and then I'll be able to invest in the stock market. The average return on the stock market is 10%. But really, you can get a lot more out of that if you're smart. But the more important notion that I'm trying to get at is do it automatically. It's something that I'm going to be calling The auto printer, it's where you already have your job you're already working and you just take a small amount of it away from your emotional brain, in a way from even your regular brain, it's just out of your life, you're automatically making money. See when you are investing in something that's making money for you, without you having to be there without you working all the time. That's working around the clock. Imagine if your parents had done this. What if your parents had just put one frickin dollar a day away for you? How much money would you have now just multiply that, you know, there's 365 days that's 365 bucks a year. You should have saved up somewhere but most people don't have any money saved up. They're not ready for retirement, and they're gonna be in a world of hurt if shit goes south and with the Coronavirus with all the weird stuff going on. A lot of fucked up stuff has been happening with money and with everything. And let's just be honest. in our lifetime, there's not only going to be probably One recession there might be 10 recessions. So we have to figure out how to master our money to withstand 10 recessions forget one recession. Let's get our money together now, so that we can make money for the rest of our lives and survive through any recession. The way that we're going to do this is by having multiple streams of income. We're going to get to that into the next few. But right now we're just talking about the basics. The very starting point, is setting it up so that you were just right now just start with $1 a day. I feel like anybody can afford $1 a day, we throw $1 aside, we don't care about it. So have $1 a day, go out of your bank account, and into another savings account, or like what I did, which is I have it going into a Roth IRA. And then I also have another one that I'm going to be investing more aggressively. But I did the math right? If you get it up to $10 a day and what we're actually going to work through with this program is getting up to 20. dollars a day, once I teach you a few of these multiple streams of income that I already know, using technology using affiliate marketing and all sorts of stuff. But if you can even just get it up to $10 a day, a 20% interest, you'll become a millionaire. Einstein said the most powerful invention of man, his compound interest, the reason that you really have to value your money now, and just start putting those dollars aside for your future is because you should love yourself enough to put money in a tube and send it to yourself in the future so that you don't have to work anymore so that you can do the stuff you really love. You know, really take care of yourself. And the younger you are, the better you are. But it's so important that you start right now. Because if you just put $200 aside a month, in like 50 years or something that you're gonna make $600,000 saved up. But if you put this aside for one year, one year, right you don't start saving your money. Until next year, instead of starting right now where we're talking about it, and we're busting out the good ideas, it's gonna cost you $100,000. Okay, so if you only put aside $200 a month in the future, once that adds up, and that saves up, it's going to be around $600,000 in your bank account for savings. But if you don't start right now, if you start in a year, that's $100,000, that you're losing every single year that you don't start saving your money for the future, compound interest, investing in the stock market, investing in real estate, investing in businesses, investing in ads, these are all ways that you can make a lot of money and start saving some of it. And like I said, starting with just $1 a day the very basics and then ramping that up to $2 and $5 and $10 a day, then $20 a day and so on and so forth is going to absolutely change your life not only now but in the future. It's not that fast, sexy rabbit money, but the turtle slowly laughs his way all the way to the bank. And if we take it out of our hands if we become that that auto printer where we automatically have the money coming out of her bank account, investing in, you know, Bitcoin stocks, real estate, things of that matter, that are going to give you a return on your investment, you're going to be a lot better off, you're going to be taking your life to that next level. valuing your money can absolutely change your life forever. every dollar that you put aside, if you have a coin jar, just put it on the savings or invested into the stock market and see what you can do and then forget about it. Don't don't don't put money into the stock market. If you're just going to sweat about it over and over every day. Put it there, and then don't touch it for the next 10 years. let it build, let it build like put it all into a mutual fund where they have more multiple different things so that if one things go down, the other stuff is going up. And or ETFs, I feel like ETFs which are just bulks of different sorts of stocks, where you can predict, you know, if oil prices are probably always going to go up or they're either going to go down, or gold is going to go up, or they're going to go down and it's going to fluctuate constantly throughout our life, there's going to be a point where gold is worth way more than it is now there's gonna be a point where gold is worth nothing compared to what it was. So there's always an opportunity to make become a smart investor, but you can't cry. If you don't save your money. You know, if 10 years from now, you don't do what we're talking about. You don't just start putting $1 away and you have no money. In 10 years, you're gonna be worse. You're gonna be there in 10 years, whether you like it or not, wouldn't it be better to be an entrepreneur where your money is automatically being saved for you and you don't have to worry about it. You just go you live your life you do your job, and slowly but surely, without you thinking about it. You save up this money and it builds on itself. And it builds on it your future giving you more opportunity, more power. Every dollar is like a money seed. And if you don't have the seed, so you have to work on planting as many money trees as you humanly can. What we're going to be doing in this program is we're going to be basically focusing on creating more streams of income and plugging up, less expensive, less time for you to spend your money like it's one thing to be making a lot of money. It's another thing to be frugal with the money you're making. be saving, be investing smartly with your money and plugging up the leaks. See, there's this theory about I don't know what it's called, like the money bathtub or something like that. But you'll have multiple streams flowing into your bathtub. And in order for you to be overflowing with money. You have to learn how to to plug up those leaks. So how we're going to start right now is first, I really would love it if you people would out there would just start putting money into a savings account putting money into a stock investment or something out of your compans. Every single day, small amount, just start with $1 or start with $10 depending on where you're at. The next thing you have to think about is budgeting. Figure out what type of budget you want to come up with. Now, I already told you guys with with the the $1 day I'm putting it into a TD Ameritrade they automatically are deducting it from my bank account. So I don't even think about now the best next step that I'm using to budget and track my spending is just Google Sheets. It's the simplest thing in the world, because it's just there at the click of a finger for me. And what I do is I have all of my budget planned out into certain categories. Okay, the the categories are listed one to 10. And this is in a Google Sheet. So you make a Google Sheet. And this is called the millionaire minute. Whenever you spend cash, your card, you buy something, you take that one extra minute, and you calculate you save the receipt, right? You write it down in your notebook, or you write it down in your Google Sheets. And then when you get home later on, you see how much you spent and you file it away for your taxes in the future. This is incredibly powerful for anybody who truly wants to make a lot of money, but the 10 categories of spending are number one, tithing, right, and I know it sounds like a church thing, but it's just, it's just help other people give your money. Good cause that you believe in beneficial for the world because the real only purpose of having a ton of money is to help people number two, is to pay yourself. Number three is Uncle Sam, you gotta pay your taxes. Number four is your shelter. You know, this goes into your basic, your basic housing expenses and your living expense. Number five household expenses, you know, mowing the lawn and cleaning up and everything else like that. Number six is your car. Whatever it is, you know, your automobile your gas, every time you put gas every time you put oil every time you get new tires, you got to track those things. Number seven is entertainment. Okay, number eight is insurance. Number nine is debt and miscellaneous. And number 10 is business expenditures. I have them all laid out in a Google Sheets, okay. And then every time I spend any of my money or I go to a bank account, I whip out Google sheets on my phone, I have it saved as a thing on my homepage. I press it, I type how much I spent what it was in which one of these categories I falls into. And then at the end of the month, I'm able to see how much I spent on each category. Right? So then I know how much money I spent. I know how much I have and I'm able to see what my My money went towards, and I'm able to track every single dollar

that's gone into my bank account. And that's gone out of my bank account, besides like subscriptions that come out of my bank account, automatically, this whole idea first valuing your money, it's, it's valuing every dollar that flows into your life and is focused on your financial success in building up your financial,

just mind and fortitude

in yourself and just taking control of your money. So that you can go from zero dollars means saved to $1 to $10 to $20. then finding figuring out how you can have multiple streams of income so you can get out of debt so you can invest in your life and you can live your best life and then you'll get to a point where it's all just, it just flows. It's just something you do every day, and you won't have any more issues but money you'll be able to help other people with their Money, and finances will just no longer be such a burden in your life. And that's what I want for everybody. I want everybody to be financially abundant. Money just flows into your life. And when I say multiple streams of income, I'm not talking about creating other jobs for yourself, I'm talking about creating businesses that you can build, and then step back from. And you'll be able to be truly successful because money will be flowing into your pockets, even when you're not there. These are the most important types of businesses that we all should be starting that we all should be working on. We all should be doing all the time. And it's just so important that we start to think like an entrepreneur, and think smarter with our money. So when you're valuing your money, these are the important questions that you have to ask yourself. What is the last thing you bought with $1?

I don't think there's anything where the dollar anymore

I think about a song on iTunes for $1

And then if you lost that dollar, how would you feel?

You probably wouldn't care too much, right?

But maybe you feel a little bit but and then the last one is, do you live on less than you earn? Are you breaking even? Or are you losing money every month? Be honest, you know, are you? Are you living on less than you make? Are you fucking breaking even? Where are you in the grand scheme of things when it comes to your money? I think most of us are barely breaking even or no, we're losing money every month. We're all just blowing bubbles. And it's good to get to the point where we have more money coming in. Then we're spending so many people just want everything right now. Now. Now they have no maturity when it comes to their financial situation. And I understand you want to have fun and you want to live your best life but it's important to be setting some money aside for your future so that you can take it easy so you can really create masterpieces.

I mean, imagine if if you

had all the money you wanted, you know, what would you do with with your spare time. And then really, that's what you should be doing with your life anyways, but there's gonna be some years where you just gotta eat shit. So you can get to that point where you can make your masterpieces, you know, this is going to be the best business you've ever started, or the best talk or the best book or the best painting. Things that take a time that you're not normally able to do in this non stop distracting, crazy world that we live in. Because we don't value money. We don't value time. We don't value people anymore. So in order for that all to change, we have to be the exception.

We have to be the person that makes more

money than everybody and saves more

money than everybody. You know, people are saying, Oh, I quit smoking. So I save 50 bucks a month. Then you ask them okay, well, where is that? 50 bucks. Do you have it? You had to learn how to fucking save the money and then actually save The money where you actually have the money, not just be able to talk about it to your friends, you know. So it's

incredibly important to

value your money, value, your life energy, every time that you have to go to work to make that stupid dollar. It is a valuable time that you could be spending with your family spending it with other career opportunities, learning new things working on your masterpiece, your great contribution to the world.

And it's your life energy.

It's not just a green piece of shit dollar it's it's so much more in today's society because some people say you know, money isn't everything,

but it's right up there with oxygen.

It's like a Les Brown quote or something.

But it's so true.

You know, once you have the money, you'll be able to do whatever you want. And once you have, it's not just once you have the money once you have the money and you have the smoke know what to do with your money, you're going to be able to open up your life to a whole new opportunity. Think about it, if you have all the money to really be able to travel anywhere, do anything, start any business you want, you know, just live that good life. And the first step, the first law of money is to value that money, value, your life, energy, value, your time. I think that is today's live stream podcast. So I really hope you learn something. Alright, next, we're going to really go deep, how to save more money and really manage your money and control your money so that you know what you're doing. And you're going to be able to take command of your cash and will be able to do more with it. So I really appreciate you listening really appreciate you tuning in, be sure to comment and like, Subscribe, share this with everybody in the whole damn world. Because getting your money together is going to be one of the most important things do with your life and I really appreciate you checking it out yeah check out the lion show comm check out evergreen creators calm for my courses which are pay what you want, still, but I'm probably gonna be jacking up the prices because man I just learned I learned the coolest YouTube thing. And it's just working like gangbusters and I'm making those videos right now. So as soon as those come out, I'm probably gonna raise the prices, but we'll see what happens. Thanks for checking it out. Be sure to subscribe, leave me reviews comments. I can't say it enough. But I really do appreciate all of you. Have a great day. No mistake.


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