Keep The Momentum

Keep The Momentum

Life Momentum

So I've had a major breakthrough on my research to basically understand life, understand success, to be our highest power and be our biggest self be connection that I've made, is incredibly powerful. So I've always had this theory that there was a connection between health in wealth, right? I've always had this idea that whenever I was doing really good stuff with my health, my life would radically increase right, I would radically begin to make more money, things will start happening, I would just feel good. And then whenever things were going wrong, I was not necessarily health conscious and health focused. And I finally figured out basically, it's not 100% I'm going to do a lot more research but I think I'm onto something phenomenal shit and the missing ingredient was momentum. Right. I want you to

Think of your body, your consciousness, your life, as a little tiny engine, so that every morning, when you wake up, you do things throughout your life that are important to you. things come to things. There's unexplainable things that happen. Now how do we increase our luck? How do we increase our power increase our wealth, our presence, our good fortune? Well, I believe it's the secret ingredient is momentum. Right? So if our body is a tiny engine, right, first, you have to have a goal, right? And this is for real big stuff. This is for big goals. This isn't for fucking burritos and stuff. This is for life changing achievements. Imagine your body as a little engine. The first part of your engine is how you're going to basically receive information and spread out your information. So the best best focus for this is going to be yoga, right? Let's pretend your body is an antenna. We're constantly receiving

thoughts, we're constantly receiving things. And if our intent is all fucked up, then we're going to be getting a lot of static, we're not going to be getting the things we want, we're not gonna be getting the results that we need. We're going to be getting static essentially. So with the three pillars of gaining optimum and prime momentum, I think it would be meditation, yoga, and then working out, you would meditate first to clear the air, get rid of all the garbage thoughts in your brain. So you meditate, you clear the air, you take a cold shower to lower the inflammation in your body, you would focus on breathing while you're doing your meditation, then you would do yoga Yoga is to align your nervous system your brain, essentially your your meat sack, your brain in your nervous system though, when you do yoga, you'll become better in alignment, better connectivity, better flow, then you'll be able to

To go from here, right with your idea, you're conscious your destiny, whatever the fuck you're trying to manifest, and you can exercise exercise is essentially just you building momentum. Imagine you're some sort of Tai Chi, like super whiz guy or whatever. And what you can do then as you can build all this momentum by doing good things in your body, good things and you build up all this energy, right? Then you take that small piece of momentum and you put it into whatever you're trying to achieve whatever goal you're trying to do whatever you're trying to accomplish, right. And you take that momentum that you gain from exercise from doing these things and you push them into the next process of your life you push it into your your next marketing endeavor, your next sale your next your next family outing, I don't know whatever you're trying to truly accomplish to make it good to make a go well, and I think that is a secret superpower that we all can manifest

We all can have to accomplish anything in our life. Of course, it's momentum. Momentum is the new superpower, right? That's what I'm trying to say. Like, it's not just working out, that's gonna do it. But working out is gonna be it one thing that you have complete control over at any moment in your life, to build momentum to go into something. Let's say you have a big job interview. Let's say you have a big sale that you're going to make you have a big, desired outcome. If you build up momentum like you build up your ci we'll call it your life energy in this workout in in your exercise, then you take that Chi energy, you take that momentum into the next set of things, right. And you carry yourself like that, with this momentum building because momentum is a guaranteed thing in reality in real life that builds on itself. It's a law of physics. I think even that

Something in motion will stay in motion. So that's how we can truly start to take over the fucking world. It's how we can really master in dominate. Big Dreams, big goals, huge life changing goals. This is so incredibly powerful and I don't think anyone's talking about this. So I want to make a short list of what I think of when it comes to simplifying success for big goals big achievements, right? So this is it can be for little goals too because that's what momentum is momentum is little goals, little small wins over and over taking control taking over. So the first one is going to be you know, have a big dream, don't do little things do large, meaningful dreams. Okay, the next step is going to be research. Everything needs research, everything. You got to figure out the best angle to attack you got to figure figure out what you're trying to figure out like

Research is just so critical in all business, all marketing, all working out all health all everything requires a little bit of research. You can't just think you're going to be a master of something without doing your research. Next is creativity. Creativity is one of the most important life lessons life knowledge that I've gained in my entire life. Creativity allows you to be creative, have ideas that are your own, and solve problems without be able to solve anything it creativity allows us so you can start anything and you can figure it out. You're more adaptable, you're more less rigid, you understand that things are all unique, and you can take your time to enjoy your creativity instead of constantly be going crazy. But creativity is the most important thing I feel like I've learned up until this momentum breakthrough that I've had after creativity is principal

So in, in the creative phase of any endeavor, anything you're doing, you have to just be able to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks, you have to see what works, you have to see what takes you from zero to that first hundred dollars, thousand dollars hundred thousand dollars in your bank account after you have figured out the creative angle, the creative justice that you're going to do your project that you're going to focus on, then you can go to the next step, which is figuring out the principles. These are the core ingredients, the principle thing that you need to do in order to achieve your goal in order to have success, right. These are the actions that you're going to go about, you're gonna basically Groundhog Day, these core principles every single day until you have the success, the things that you want. The next step is your paradigms. Once you figure out the principles, you're gonna have to figure out how you're gonna look at what you're doing. See, there's people that go to work in

are fucking somewhere else every day, their mind is somewhere else, they're looking at the clock, they don't care, then there's people that have the right paradigm, where they're extremely focused on improving in small increments every single day at their job, every single thing that they do. They're getting better at it. They're using their time wisely. And in order to do that, you have to have the right paradigm of how you look at what you do, you have to have the right visualization, right, you have to look through the lens in the right way in order to truly appreciate what you're doing. So you have to figure out the correct paradigm to be looking through when you're having when you're doing these activities when you're doing things. Next is your identity. Once your identity is in line with the actions that you're taking the principles, the paradigms and the momentum, which is the next step. You can go anywhere. So you have to identify as someone who already or is is going to have the success you have to identify as someone who is going to have the success, no matter

Matter fucking what and nothing is gonna get in your way because that's what you identify as. And then you have to identify as already having that in your life. So there's no lack there is no nothing and you can be grateful for how much you identify with having these things in your life. Then you gain momentum. You start by, you know doing a workout and then you start by getting those little wins. And you use that momentum and you carry each when you keep going and you use it as a momentum for growth. You don't just fall in love with the momentum, you fall in love with the growth, the results that your momentum is getting, that you are doing, after you figure out the momentum, and you figure out how to get every small win and you keep going keep going. This is where your discipline, your your concentration, and your stamina are literally going to will your success, your achievements into real life. This is where

You can separate yourself from the rest of the pack with this information with this small formula. I feel like anything is possible, you can take over the world. And I'm going to do much more research. So I can be so much more clear on this as well as test it in my own life. But I swear to God, I think I'm onto something with these small breaks of understanding how powerful momentum is in the small wins. See if you can get momentum in any part of your life. It can carry on to the next thing, the easiest way to get momentum is to start with your health. Right if you if you're not in about the health momentum, then get momentum in something else and that can carry you through to the next step. But I'm saying we can control our physical momentum. That's something that we have complete control over it can also be learning momentum it could be work momentum, like there's there's lots of other ways you can get momentum. I just said the health part first because it's so powerful. It's so powerful to know that we

Have the control in your own hands at any moment to build a small bit of momentum to take it into the next phase. Other ways to get momentum for sure are collaboration, work with other people that already have the momentum and then just jump on the bandwagon with them. Another way to have incredible momentum is to drop the shit that is not benefiting you think about how much faster you can move, not only in theory, but in real life, if you just get rid of a bunch of your shit that you don't need anymore, that's taking up space that's cluttering your existence, you can get crazy momentum, if you just cut the fat burn through any obstacle that's in your way. So if you have the identity, right, then you put the effort in, right and then you start to get results and you start to get momentum. That's going to be able to take you to any level in life if you can keep that momentum and hold on to that stamina and keep moving forward with that.

any endeavor without getting distracted or getting off track, so you have to come up with a plan of where you're going, and how you're going to stay on task. And this is where you can start to write your new story, this is going to be your momentum story, you're going to say, this is what's gonna happen next, and but take my momentum from that. And I'm going to put it into this. And I'm going to take my momentum from that, and I'm going to take it into this, and then you just live out your story. So you have to identify, you have to have the momentum, you have to build the momentum and you have to carry that momentum into the next endeavor and the next endeavor. So you also have to know what it is you're doing and how you're doing it and how to get that momentum and how to use you know, money as fuel and people as fuel and yourself as fuel to keep that momentum alive to keep the fire the spark going. And then whenever you take a rest, you have to understand, okay, I got to this level, how do I build my momentum back up to go above and beyond where I was before, that is the art of success.

And living in I think I've busted out some awesome information for you I hope I explained it well and really appreciate you listening and if you got any value out of this please share this with someone pretty simple ask just share it on that social media and be like this was cool. So I gotta say nama stay in I promise more information on this as as I test it again, this is the theory but I think man, it's like a rock solid, what I'm looking at, and I really have always thought there's a connection between my health in my wealth in my enlightenment. So those three key pillars are good things to have theories on and be contemplating and constantly moving forward and gaining momentum.

All right, peace, no mistake.


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