Know Thyself

Welcome to the lion show. All right, so tonight we're going to be talking about knowing your self. I know, Bo, drop the big one on you. So

knowing yourself is a difficult question. Because we all have our own personal experiences, you know, we all all are alive. But each and every single one of us has a different experience at all times. We have a different feeling inside of each of us for everything, just because somebody says do it this way. And you'll get this result doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to get the same result as that person. So in order for us to ask the big question, you know, who am I Am I in to know yourself, you have to first understand that it's okay. If you don't know yourself. Let's talk about that for a second. Because this is actually something kind of fun. So let's just think about why it's okay that we don't know ourselves. First of all, we're undisciplined. You know, we set all these goals, we say we're going to do stuff. Very few people are truly as productive as they possibly could be. And very few people truly do everything they want to do in a day. There's hours where they slack off, they watch TV, they play video games, they get lost, you know, but beyond that, we are strange creatures. In a world that is not like us, let me explain. So most things in this world are automatic. You know, our breathing is automatic. Our blinking is automatic. The water is That episode automatically rotates we circle around the Sun automatically. The only thing that really seems to be not on automatic is our consciousness or our human being. Because we are able to control ourselves and do whatever the heck we want. At any given notice the way that I think of this is we're like a fluke, where some sort of strange fluke in this mysterious universe that's been going automatically without us for centuries and centuries, all the cosmos all the consciousness has been going and going. It came from absolutely nothing. And then there's now us here in this moment, with consciousness and it will end and absolutely nothing. So we are that small bleep. In between nothing's, which is why it's okay for us. First of all, not to know ourselves. Not to know what it is that we want in life, not to be able to completely understand why we feel certain ways why we do certain things. So, I like to think about that sometimes it's kind of interesting just to, like get lost in, in the whole grand scale of things that we are just a fluke, in an automatic universe, we are something that is not a robot, in a world and in a universe of things that happen on their own without which is why I think human beings kind of are at war with nature in so many ways. Because nature is just like Shrek like it just you know, trees just grow, and then they die. All kinds of crazy shit. And you could die any moment because we're in the wrong place at the wrong time. And it's just like, it's very interesting. It's okay to not know who we are right off the bat. Then we bring ourselves to the next question like, you know, But we want to know who we are, at our essence, even if we're just some fluke in the universe, we still, we want to figure out who we are. So that we can be making the right choices so that we're going in the right direction. Or we can at least feel like we're going in the right direction. And we're using our time live in a positive way. So the way that I think of this is our bodies, right? The only things that we know for sure is like I have this body I have I have these thoughts. The way that I see the world can change though the way that I perceive things can differ, but for the most part of my body is made up of the foods that I eat from the earth. So I pick up the food from the earth, I eat it, it becomes me. So I'm borrowing little bits of this. And then my mind is the same way I pick up things. I get perspective. I, I see I gain information and I take little bits of it and that's what slowly morphs who I am and what I do and how I feel and what I'm going through and what I can be if I am just a built up bundle of joy, no bundle of just experiences in food, I want to experience more things that are beneficial and more things that I enjoy. So in order for us to truly figure out who we are, we have to do this weird thing where we take a step back, and we watch ourselves, you know, like like a snake. We just we watch ourselves like we don't know who we are, we see ourselves do thing go through the motions, but instead of just saying, Oh, this is how we do all things that we instead, we start to ask ourselves, okay, but why do we do that in that certain way? Why do we prioritize certain things and we discourage other things, you know, and then we can see ourselves from a different light, a different perspective, and the main thing that can really start to start So we can really start to narrow in on, what are our gifts? Right? What are the things that we do that inside not not not caring what anyone else in the world says or puts on our plate or encourages, but only for ourselves. When we do certain things, we we feel a sense of reward for those things. And then when we do other things, we tend to not have that same emotional feeling. And we need to figure out how to to differentiate those things. Because we could just say, everything is random. Everything just happens. I feel certain ways. But the truth is, is when you begin to watch yourself, you'll begin to see that you are slightly different. You are built up of different experiences, different emotions and other people, but you should be always aiming to live your genius life, your best life, your true colors should be able to shine through. If you are able to take that step back and watch yourself. And and notice, when you do certain activities that you are feeling more alive in those moments, you are feeling more inspired, more on more motivated. And then the things that you do in your daily life that you're that aren't motivating, that are dragging that are hard. You should learn how to eliminate, automate and delegate those things as much as possible. And then your life can slowly shift more towards the things that truly matter to you to who you are in to what it is that you want to become. When we go into that direction. You really start to realize that who you are, doesn't necessarily matter because who you are, is a built up bunch of different experiences, emotions and food from the past. But if you're able to live consciously, and be fully aware of why you do things and how you move in the way that you think you're going to See that you are part of all of everything, but you have your own special gifts, your own special talents, but it doesn't necessarily matter in this moment. What matters is who you're going to be in the future. Okay? That's why I kind of want to get us to, I wanted you to realize it's okay first, not to know who you are. And then it's important for you to realize that you can be anyone you want. So much of Western culture thinks that as a human being, I am made like a piece of furniture or like a piece of clay. When in reality, we're all just more like actors in a really bad movie.

Or a really good movie. But we are just playing. That's what we're doing. We are acting in a certain way. We are putting on different hats and masks and we are doing what society assumes of us to be, instead of who we truly are, you know, we put on these different personas like I am a college student or, or I'm a dad, I'm a cook, you know, those are things you do. Those are not you though. So the most important thing that you can really figure out is who you want to be. Right. So if if the you right now is a buildup of experience and of different happenings, different actions, you have now, the ingredients to put yourself in a position to experience the things that actually matter to you, instead of the things that don't matter because you have enough information, enough data on your life, that you enjoy certain things and you dislike other things. So what you can start to work on is who you truly want to be because it's all about Who you are becoming, we are like water we are always flowing, always moving, always becoming something different. We want to become our best self, our genius self, our genius life is where we should be heading at all times, we should have our principles and our paradigms laid out so that we know we're going in the right direction. It might not be the most beautiful walk. But if we just keep putting one foot in front of the other, we're eventually going to truly embody who we want to be, who you were, who you are, don't matter. All that matters is who you are becoming who you are becoming, should be something much greater than yourself something that gets you out of bed every day, something that is going to put that spark in your life at every moment so that you can carry that spark and turn it into a flame and take it to all parts of your life. Even the baddest parts. But as long as you know who you're becoming, and you have this image in your mind of who you are becoming, you will slowly but surely get there. If that makes sense, if we're trying to truly understand ourselves, we have to understand that who we are becoming, is the most important factor where you are right now, and where you're going to be, are totally different things. So the journey in between we have to enjoy, and we have to enjoy the fact that we are always becoming a better version of ourselves. This is where we can start to, you know, put aside our childlike behaviors and take control of our lives. Take complete responsibility, and start moving in the direction of becoming somebody who's healthy becoming someone who's out of debt, becoming someone who's a you know, in a good relationship becoming more than we are at this moment. Because if we truly know ourselves, and we want to be something more in this life, most people are interested in financial abundance, you know, fame, and recognition. And most people just want to be more and be understood. So if we want to become those things, we can first figure out the principles, the simplest version of those things. And then we can realize that at any moment, we can becoming better at that we can be becoming more like that. And if we're still so confused as to ask ourselves, well, I don't know who I want to become. This is where I think the Napoleon Hill thinking Grow Rich philosophy kind of work. In his idea, you come up with this dining room table or your round table like King Arthur style, with all the people in your life that you would like to get advice from at this moment. You know, I had no idea you're like James Bond but like Dale Carnegie about Sean Connery is at your table, you know, Abraham Lincoln to POC or whoever it is for you like is at the table, and they are giving you advice on who you could become. And it's just this way to imagine all the greatest role models in your life. All right, and then you can start to think okay, well, all these people have certain things in common, you know, their, their stand up people, they, they have the right principles to do things that I believe in as well. You know, and once you can kind of visualize these ideas, then you can start to take on that role. You can start to be that person and you can realize that you will be becoming such a big influence because you have this image in your mind. I know a lot of people suffer with confidence. So this is one of those situations where in your life, you can play an act like you have the confidence and you If you're scared, you do things scared. And you can make more of yourself by doing this. You'll reach new goals, you'll tap into new feelings and new ways of living that you never thought were possible because you started to visualize yourself and you started to say I am becoming someone who has more courage. So then when an opportunity arises for you to have courage, you'll say, Okay, I am now becoming someone with courage and you can step in to that or step back, and you'll be able to play from that further. You could say, Okay, well, the next one, next one, a lot of courage, because I'm becoming more courageous. I'm becoming more of who I want to be every day. And every time that I have these opportunities to rise up, I will do my best and instead of beating yourself up for who you were, or who what happened in the past, you can start to only focus on becoming better, because we have that choice at any moment to become better to do better. To understand that we want to live this life now, right? And we want to break out of these old bad habits and start generating new habits that really makes who we are more. I think that is a good way to segue into just talking about how we are built up of many different habits. We're habitual creatures. Again, in the beginning, we were talking about how we're just a fluke, most things are running on habits. They figured out how to get foods like ants, they find a food and they leave a trail and then everybody just walks in the same line. We do the same thing practically, in a lot of ways, but it's just more subtle, or it's suddenly like the way we brush our teeth is almost exactly the same way we tire tire shoes is the same because it's a habit. Our brain is always trying to work less. It's always trying to create that neural neural pathway of least resistance. We're always is trying to think in zeros and ones because you know, pleasure or stay away from pleasure. So for the most part, most of us always go to pleasure, we should be building up our willpower, but instead, we always go to pleasure. And we run away from unpleasantness. And wherever we're trying to figure out who we are, and then we set these goals, we tend to fall back because we say we're going to do these things. And then we don't because we know that's hard. That's unpleasurable. Instead, we go right to the pleasure, we go right for the cake instead of the salad. And if we have that awareness, though, of somebody inside of us is becoming something greater. We can say no, I'm becoming someone who only eat salad and doesn't eat any cake. And then you have that that line in the sand that you can really start to build your character build your personality. personality. I didn't know what it stood for, but it stands for personal reality. I thought that was interesting. So we're trying to have lots of personality, but we're trying to have lots of our own personal realities, right? So we live in this, and people perceive us as this personality. But in fact, it's our own personal reality that comes out as our conversation as our aneurisms, the way that we do things. These are from our multiple different realities that we've strung together that is us at this exact moment. But I think if we truly want to become our best version of ourselves and become as successful as humanly possible, and know that we're going in the right direction, we have to figure out you know, our principles of becoming the best version of ourselves and understand that nobody necessarily knows everything out there. Nobody knows everything about life and how to do it, but we can know for our Self and our own soul and our own our own life, that these things if we did them would be a legit gift to our soul, it would be a worthwhile endeavor in our life, instead of doing the shit that we don't like, which is what everybody seems to be doing. They complain about time they complain about their job and but they never say that they're going to be becoming something else. They always just start complaining about what's happening. This is where people are either victims or they're, they're people that are looking for an opportunity. I think that is the end of my rants, but it's just fun to think about, you know, truly understanding ourselves. I know it took me 20 plus years to feel like I had a grip on who I was. And I really found it by first testing my abilities of mayhem. Like when I was younger, I tested the limits of you know how fucked up I could make Everything I have just saved wreck my whole life from like 13 to 18, or whatever it was like a dumpster fire. And then I joined the military. And going through these hardcore struggles, though, showed me mostly what it was made of. But every time that I would reach a certain point, like, Oh, I can't work anymore, I would realize that I can work more, I would realize that I can do more. If I was in a situation where I felt like oh, I've got no more to give. I can always give a little more though, and I found situations where, you know, I'm closed off Oh, but I could love a little more in this situation, you know, and we put up all these walls, these false imaginations of these non existent fences and we bear buried ourselves inside of them. And that's not really who we are. But we've made up these rules. We've made up these invisible fences that we live by. And in order for us to become our best self, we have to look at it with an open mind. We can't say that things are black and white anymore. We have to say, okay, things are moving in this direction more than that direction, there's a lot of gray. But we're always going to be going more towards our best self more towards our greatest life more towards the things that we truly love and would be if we accomplished them would be a true gift to our soul that would make us the happiest. I hope that was helpful. I hope you found this insightful. If you got anything out of this, please share this all over social media share with your family and friends. If you want to buy any art, go to the woodcarvers comm want to buy either my podcasts or my YouTube course, which is still only $1 but I will be raising the price to $97 here pretty quick. Go to evergreen creators calm. If you want my free book, send the link. And I think that's it. So I really appreciate you tuning in. And I'll catch you on the next one. Namaste


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