Today I want to talk about just the life revolution that I've realized. So my whole life I've just been someone who's just very interested in the world, very interested in how life works. You know, What is life? I've had a breakthrough recently. So I've come to the conclusion. There are four fields for planes really, to my existence. There's the mind The body, the life energy, and then the field. The field is everything around us, right? We have our minds though. And then we have our body. And then we have our life energy. I do believe life energy is different than the body. And what I figured out is if you have all four of these fields, in line with each other, or on the same vibration or working in harmony, it is super powerful. Because everything in nature, life has their vibrations, it has their frequency has their,

their life energy to it, right animals,

their their brain is a lot simpler than ours.

So for them to be on the same wavelength with their body with their life energy. And with their field. They might not understand their field as well, but their harmony is so much stronger. So what does all this mean? Well, this means that if you want to truly take control of your life, you have to find and figure out how to be in harmony with these four fields.

So, in order

for the mind to work the best has to be switched on, you have to be in tune with the world around you. And it really has to be in tune with all of the other fields. Your mind truly is, what is making all the decisions for you. Whether you like it or not. Now if our thoughts are on I'm not sure. But if you listen to the universe, if you take a second you focus, anything in life, any of this stuff is so alive, so vibrant, that it's almost impossible for us totally understand it. We do not understand everything about our mind. We do not understand everything. About the world and we do not understand everything about our body. But we are using our mind to try and figure it out. I mean at the very, very basics, we are diving deep into two things, pleasure and unpleasantness, we are always going towards pleasure. We are always focused on making things easy for ourselves. We are always focused on avoiding unpleasantness, if you will. So, that's the most basic, that's the animal mind

that we have.

Right? So everything we do, we can just assume that our mind is trying to trick us in some sort of way to doing the most pleasurable thing at that moment. Eat the most food, you know, get that, get that one, forget the zeros. And if we can understand that, that our mind is almost always trying to

take it easy If you will,

it almost always wants to conserve energy, keep itself alive, pass on its DNA, the most basic fundamental things. But if we want to use our mind because our mind is so much more complex than that, we have our neuro cortex, the front of our brain is the most developed part compared to all other animals. And with that part, we're much more in tune with our environment. We're able to solve elaborate problems. We're very much interested in figuring things out.

Or at least we were, I don't know about people these days.

But in order for us to truly figure out how to use our mind the best, I truly am believer in learning to a certain point, and then also using our mind to take immediate action to trust in ourselves a little bit more. Because there are some things means that we do not understand what about our mind. There are things about the universe, the world, our life that we don't totally understand. But we do get these feelings underlying that. There's more sometimes, or that something is good, or you get a weird vibe that something's watching you, even though you don't know what it is, you know. And there's all these subtle frequencies. And all of our all we are essentially is we're this brain in a neuro system in a meat bag, right? So when I'm been doing lately, with meditation, yoga, ice baths fasting, is I've been trying to figure out the best way to tune in my body tune in my brain, my neural system, and there's a meat bag that I walk around in into a


honed in machine, okay?

Not an expert, not your fucking Guru, I'm just telling you what I'm doing. And it's just been incredibly interesting for me to constantly be learning, be using my mind finding my limitations, finding the urges, you know, that I can overcome, again, because, like, almost everything in life that we do

is the

easiest thing that we can do. Right? I'm trying to think of the word it's essentially though we're settling for less than we are. We're settling for less than we should have. We're settling in our lives because we don't have that wherewithal to know that our mind is a lazy,


you know, alien thing inside of a meat sack that just wants pleasure all the time. So if we do know that, if we do know that, if I put a few things together if I put my mind in touch with my body, and my body and my mind, in touch with my life, energy, and then I have situations in the field that I can control that I'm comfortable with. I've built habits that are beneficial, instead of habits that are negative, then I'm truly going to be able to conquer this life, I'm truly going to find success.

Will there be

weird things that happen? Of course strange things happen all the time. But in this game of life, don't you want almost every advantage you possibly can have? You know, why do we keep fighting ourselves? Why do we put garbage food into our bodies? If we know it's going to hurt us? Why do we put garbage into our minds? If we know that our mind is the most powerful thing we have in order to survive in this world? Why don't we put in good information? Why aren't we using everything we have at our disposal to make the best stuff so this has been my new mission? What I've been trying to figure out I guess all my life.


I do believe that there are Great Powers around us all the time. And in order for us to to truly take complete advantage of this life that we have, we have to master our mind, our body, our life energy. And then as much as we can the field, of course, the hardest part of the field field is everything around me. You know, everything out there is the field. And the hardest part of the field is dealing with other people. Other people that haven't totally figured out their mind, their body, their life energy, so they're all frickin cranky, spun up, frickin weirdos. And they're just always going for all the pleasure and pleasure isn't necessarily what the world needs, because someone has to be responsible and someone has to take full advantage of this. So what I've been doing is I've been figuring out how to do yoga, to align my brain and my neurons or neuro synapses or whatever the hell they are that go throughout my body so that they can fire off at the most powerful time. I've been trying to eat the best food so that my brain can function the best. So that I can be all that I can be in any situation. I've been working to figure out my life energy, essentially, by burning it all up and feeling like shit, and then saying, Okay,

well, if that's everything I have, maybe

I should take a little bit easier on myself. Or maybe I should figure out how I can use this energy the best because there are times in my life where things have just been so strange, just strange the way that things have worked out. Right, like, like it was some sort of movie plot. I think that is when I'm in tune with all the things in the universe, everything goes. Right. Right. And then I also think that sometimes things just go wrong. But I feel like if I can, you know, I'm a gambling man, if I bet more that building my mind, taking care of my body, learning about my life energy, that I'm going to do better in the field, and I'm going to do better and in the universe, better in the world better in my life, then I'm going to go all in on those things. Those are the things that I really want to figure out. Those are the things that are going to mean the most to me. As somebody who has been an entrepreneur now for 10 years, I always get my money from somebody else, right? Always. So in order for me to truly understand and make more money, I have to master my mind, my body, my life energy. I feel like there's a work energy that I have to that I can put so much of myself into projects, and I can get a reward. I've lived long enough now that I know if I put a lot of my life energy, a lot of my work energy, I get returns on them. I almost always get something. And that's how everything is, you always get what you put in. So, if you find ways to use your mind, use your body and use your life energy to do good for the world, the world will essentially return it back to you. So, if you do anything going forward, I truly think you need to master your mind. You'd master how to take care of your body. Everybody has their own body. Everybody has their own diets. Everybody has their own program where they function the best. And you have to master your life energy. You can't go out here writing checks for your body. That's your body can't cash you'll get sick Don't fucking hurt yourself, you'll do things that you don't understand why you're doing them. So the best things that I've found recently is yoga. Eating good, right? And meditating. The coolest thing about meditation is, so when you meditate, or you do psychedelics or you do anything that takes you out of the mind loop and the life that you're in, right? So what I do is I do I do, like meditation. I wish I did it twice a day. I do about once a day and I always do it to go to sleep. But when you meditate, you're able to let go of everything in the world. The whole way to the world can come off your shoulders, right so that you can come back from your meditation with a fresh perspective, a fresh, rested mind and you have that moment of peace where You're not being told what to do. You're not having everyone in the world have their judgment, and not having yourself have those judgments. Because everything we are stems from an idea. There's always some identity, that our ego is trying to prove to us that this is who we are always. So the stronger you get in controlling your identity and controlling your ego and not letting other people tell you who you are, the stronger you get in life, the more certain you are, that your standards are high, and that you don't have low standards, the better your life gets. If you allow yourself and your standards to be super low, you're never going to get anywhere. So if you raise your standards on your mind, if you raise your standards on how you take care of your body, you raise your standards on using your life energy, only for truly meaningful tasks and you raise your standards For, you know how you act and are in the field of life, you're going to be that much better.

I know this sounds abstract, but I've also been doing this and studying this mic for years. So I hope you gained some wisdom. And this won't be the last time that I've talked about any of these things. The real breakthrough, I think, for me, was just figuring out those four things are what everything is made up, right. I don't have any control over the field necessarily, except for what's in my three foot world. So I can't worry about anything that's outside of my three foot world. And I can only improve on myself, my mind my body, and my life energy. But that is enough. That's enough. If I am well rested, truly healthy and my brain is working at its highest functions. Happily, I'm living a good life. I am finding success in anything I do, because creativity is my strongest skill set. And I think that's the most important is create is getting started. And then figuring out how to make it work. If you can master those things, plus all the things I'm talking to you telling you about, he can do anything in life. Imagine what your life would be like, if you could do anything you wanted. If you knew, whatever endeavor, if you just focused on it, if you just put your mind your body and your life energy, harnessed it and pushed it into the field of that happening, you can have anything you want. You can have any life you want. You learn how to meditate so that and or do things so you can escape and lose all the weight that you're carrying around constantly in this world. Learn how to take care of your body. So that you're healthy and you feel good. You learn how to take care of your mind and you learn constantly you actually learn how you learn. And then you realize that you can learn anything in the world. If you put your mind to it. Everything around you was all made by people's brains, this phone that I'm recording on, somebody had the idea, and they made it happen. You can do incredible things with your life. So many people are just so upset all the time.

When we live in a world that has birds.

Fucking birds are dope. My dog is dope. It's ground is dope, trees are dope. Life is good. You need to just take control of the things that you can't control, which is your mind, your body and your life energy, need to stop doing things that aren't beneficial for you. You know, if your job sucks, and you're depressed, then you need to fucking quit your job and do things that make you happy. These are what I've been trying to figure out for you Now, I'm trying to figure out how to master something that can truly mean that I have complete control of my life. And I think this is it. I was saying earlier that I'm an entrepreneur, I get all my money from other people. There are certain situations where I put all my life energy into things, and then people just show up and give me money. So if you think that, not that mastering your mind, your body in your life, energy, doesn't matter with money, you're wrong. Things just work out. things just happen to people that put in the work that put in the effort, that have control of their thoughts of their body of their energy and what they do. So that's my advice for the day and he has for watching please share with your friends. I look forward to seeing you in the next one. Bye

mind body life energy and the field

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