Welcome to the show. Welcome to the show. Welcome to the show. Welcome to Lyon show. Now it's time to talk about paradigms. And this is a more abstract, but it's not even abstract. It's just fucking life. And we don't think about it every day the paradigm. So the way that I like to think about it is, we see it we see out of our eyes and we make a lot of assumptions about everything. And sometimes we really have to put ourselves in check, because not only do we have this lens, but we also have the lens behind the lens, you know, that little voice in our head. And a lot of people are very disconnected from realizing like, there is a voice in my head. It's not, it's always there. It's always chattering and to be able to check yourself for how this voice is interpreting the world is The way that I would always think about it, or the way that just totally screwed me up is when I when I first did this experience where you have a paradigm shift, right? But when you're thinking about your ego or whatever it is the thoughts in your mind. The one thing that is trippy is that you can always close your eyes, right? I want everybody to this, close your eyes. And then picture yourself, like float above your body and visualize yourself like put yourself in the corner of the room and see yourself your body is here. But your imagination is putting you up in the corner of the room. And you can see yourself doing things and see yourself acting in this life in the paradigm is that we are in complete control of how we see the world. But we are not always understanding of that, you know, we're not always understanding that we can adjust how we feel and how we react. To things, it's that that space that pause between stimulus and response. So this guy, Viktor Frankl, he was in a concentration camp, right? And he was a psychologist or he was like a doctor. He's just a really awesome smart guy. You should read everything he writes. So he's in the concentration camp. They're, they're killing everyone. They're beating everyone. And he, he gets to this point, though, that they can beat him. They've taken his clothes is killed his family, his friends, they've taken everything from him. And he's realized that he can choose how to respond to his his guard. Basically, what he's saying is, you know, you can take the clothes you take family you can take he take his body, his beatings, but he still has that choice in his mind, to react how he wants to. So there's stimulus then there's the pause. Before we have a response, every moment in your life, things can happen. And you can choose how you react to it, how it makes you feel, you can choose the way that you act to that response. If you're throwing a wall, a bouncy ball at a wall, you can choose to catch it, right? Or you can choose to let it bounce by and flower. So just like we are giant, just meat sacks with emotions in us. So we understand that sometimes we get caught up in the emotions, which is a physical reaction to ourselves and to our lives between the action and the response is that pause and that pause is the strangest thing ever. Because it's so interesting to really look deeply at that pause because in there is our Whole life or whole being the whole way that we see the world, okay? And it just is a very interesting thing because anything can come out of that pause, we can act crazy, we can act normally can act sad, we can get happy. And if we can choose the lens that we see the world, right, if we can see the world as an opportunity, instead of as the victim, our lives can become so much better. Let's take time management, as an example, what pay attention this week to how many times you hear people complain about not having enough time. So you have this option to be a victim to time or to have time work for you and use it as an opportunity.

Because everybody gets 24 hours a day, right? All the billions errs have the same 24 hours that you do, they just probably use a different and you can do what I like to call Einstein time management. That is where you have your day work for you. Right, you take back your control of time, you don't let anyone else control your time except for yourself. You control the time around you. And you can make that our last a long time you can make it go faster, you just have to be aware of that hour of time of your time, you know, and not let other people have control over your power over your time. So that's one way that you can respond to even obscure things like time by using your pause instead of being a victim, but to use that pause as to see it as an opportunity. Right. You can now take advantage Have that pause that you have between stimulus and response. And you have these choices every single day, right? Somebody says, Do you want to go and get some McDonald's? You have a pause to say yes, because I want fast,

delicious, disgusting food.

Or you can say no, because health is one of my core principles. And I have that option right now, to say no, and to use this as an opportunity to flex one of my principles. So when you have these different ways of looking at the world, right, first one was your core principles, looking at everything from a complex situation to instead, no, this is not a complex situation. What would this look like if this was simple, right? And then you have your core principles that you're going to live by. And now you see that you always have it choice between stimulus and response, you always have that pause. And in that pause is where we make our life and death decisions, where we stand up to the world, or we lay the fuck down, and we might as well just start dying right now. And this is some deep shit. That can be extremely useful if you actually implement it. Right? Next time, you're faced with a situation that you don't want to do something that's not like life or death or anything, but you don't want to do it, because it goes against your core principles. Have that pause and realize this isn't for me and do something else. It's that simple. I know a lot of people think that they're stuck in certain ways. You know, they're only stuck in their mind though. You can unstuck yourself at any moment. Okay, you you We live in a society full of invisible fences. We make up rules. We make up taxes, we make up shit that isn't even real. And then we live our lives by them. We make these roles for ourselves. We say, Oh, I'm I'm the mailman. I'm a milkman. You know? No, you're you're a fucking versatile, creative, crazy fucking miracle who's just posing as a goddamn mailman. You probably fucking hate it. And the problem is, people are too fucking scared to get started on their dreams. They scare themselves out of all kinds of shit. And or they go all in and they burn themselves out, and they never follow through on the follow up. You have to make one of your principles, the finish, you have to fucking pull yourself through the last five, five All 12 minutes of everything you gotta you know, if it's a sale, you got a king pitch that you got to learn how to follow up and then you got to make sure that that money goes into your bank account. I love the book go for No. And it's just changed the way I think a lot about everything. So, instead of going for three yeses, you know or three sales, you want to go for three noes. Because once you get those, like three yeses, you'll stop, you'll quit. But if you get three yeses and then you get one No, but you're going for three knows. I mean, you might just keep on going because you're going for the no now. You're going for the hard times the rough stuff. If If things are going wrong in your life, it's going to make you tougher, it's going to give you more opportunity, more time to train more time to get better. A lot of people are just not Ready for success. Like you're not ready, you don't deserve it right now. Like, learn how to be humble and realize that

always be striving to be the absolute epic that you can possibly be. But you're probably not ready for it. And that's why it's not here right now. So you need to stop beating yourself up for it not being here right now. Just say, Okay, one of my core principles is that I'm going to finish this, I'm gonna see this to the end, and I'm going to, you know, pay all your bill is going to make as much money as you can. And you're going to really focus on this for a long period of time because this is going to be something that is a gift for your soul. You want to wake up every day and can't wait to get to work to get started on your projects. You don't want to drag yourself to work, hate work, not be awake while you're at work. just completely checked out, hate when you're off work because you know soon you're gonna have to go back to work. And it's not just work, it's just life situation. You want to be excited for your life, you want to see the wonder the beauty in everything out there that you can possibly be. And in order for you to change your paradigm from being a victim or being stuck, you have to be able to see the world through different lenses. You have to ask yourself questions. Like, if everything is is shitty, you have to ask yourself, Well, what would happen? If I could try and be grateful for some of these situations that I'm in? I can see the happiness, the greatness in some of my set problems that I have that I'm facing, what if there are opportunities here, instead of being a victim? What are things that you can take control of in the moment to improve your situation and if you can't improve Anything in your situation, then at least hope for happiness for two other people. I find this incredibly, you just have to think about to other people, being happy. just random people doesn't have to be anybody you know, it could just be somebody on the street, just be like, I really hope those people are happy. And then you want to picture them smiling in your head, and you'll start feeling better about your life. I guarantee so if you can't do anything at all, everything is so shitty. Just pray for two other people to be happy and your life can start getting better by wishing happiness on others. So there's always opportunities. You don't have to be a victim. And it's important to understand that you always have a choice, but between the stimulus and response. Alright, so that was today's episode. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for tuning in. And I'll catch you on the next one. Check it out. out the lions show calm check out lion show on Twitter. And if you got anything out of this, please like and share, please. All right. Stay peace.



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