All right, I am super excited for you to be here. Thank you so much. I'm very just pumped right now that we finally got a new shop, I got a new studio. Things are really doing badass stuff in my life and I'm just super happy about it. For all you listening out there appreciate you really appreciate you tuning in and checking it out. Today we're going to talk about principles and paradigms now. I'm someone who is genuinely like obsessed with success, I would say.

I say obsessed because I just want it so bad. You know, I want I want I want more success, just like everybody else has things that they want. And I've been studying basic success literature for years now. I've read every book I can get my hands on every audio book, every podcast or YouTube video that's out there. And there's a big dis illusion, the hippie dippie stuff that says, Oh, it's all just, you know, positive thinking. I personally think that, you know, manifesting stuff in positive thinking is kind of complete bullshit. It's kind of, it's like, everybody wants that easy pill to end, it's hard for people to really look at the hard facts about life. So, what I have found that actually does matter that is actual, like, solid as you can possibly get are these two ideas called principles and paradigms? Okay? principles are basically where you start with anything with anything that means something all right. Lots of people need to stop over complicating their lives and start Simplifying their lives. I think it was Einstein. That said, his job as a theoretic scientist was to take complex ideas and turn them into the simplest form possible. That's the equals mc square. That's what everybody's doing. Everybody is trying to take situations and make them simple and understandable so that people can use them to improve their lives. So these are the two biggest ways that you can start taking control of your life right now. Start writing goals and setting goals that actually matter. And really just, you know, Own your life with the with these. So let's start with principles.

principles are the core of everything right? So if we see a tree, an apple tree, we go up to the apple tree. We take off Apple, we eat that Apple. And it's like the best thing we've ever had. We're like, oh man, how did this tree make the best apples? We say okay, well, maybe it's just apples, right? But then we look at the tree, we're like, no, the apples come from this branch, right? Then we go to this, take this branch, these, these branches, they all connect to the center of this tree, you know, the law. And then from the law would go down, we see that the roots, the roots are the core principle of this trees growth and its success, right? If you want to know the principle of your work, you have to break it down to its simplest form, what are the core principles that gets you money that go from zero to cash in your bank account, right? If you want to write a book, your principles are going to be number one words, like you just gotta make some words and that's that's the core principle, right? And then you can go from And it goes principle then it goes, it goes words, then it goes sentences, then paragraphs, right? manuscripts, full books, right? And then but you also have editing and then you have all the other other principles. But once you lay out all the principles for your job for your creation, right, then you can master each of these principles. And then when you can put them together, you'll have something incredible, right? You just if you want to do incredible work, if you want to be someone who is actually making impact in the world doing big things, you have to break them down to their simplest principles. A lot of people take their time to make goals or they don't even write down their goals. I bet I bet most people don't even fucking write down their goals. I bet that there are people out there that do write down their goals and even the people that go out there and they sit down and they write down their goals. Don't have an actual plan for what they're doing. They just have an idea, okay, but if you write down your goals, and then you write down the principles of accomplishing those goals, like what are the things that you actually have to do every day? Or that you will try and do every day to have that success? Right? You want a podcast, you have to record, edit, publish. That's, that's how you do it. Those are the principles of the pot. You want to be a famous artist. Okay, well, you got to make art, right? You got to finish the artwork. And then you got to show your art to people. those are those are the principles, and then you do that over and over and over. And that's how you can be someone who is truly successful and you know where you stand, because you can see, okay, this week, my core principles for my podcast, right? Are to create, edit, and then publish. How many times did I do that this week? You know, so you can go back and you can check yourself how many of these principles Did I mark off this week? How much better have I gotten at this one particular principle that really means a lot to what I do every day, you know, if you're a salesman, you got to pick up the phone you got, you got to call people, you got to pitch the deal, you got to close the deal. And then you got to follow up, right? Those are the principles of true success of your core fundamentals to be successful to get where you want to go. So I just love this, this idea of making things simple. And having these principles that are going to take you where you need to go now principles are the real, strict, real rigid way of thinking about these things. But sometimes you need that, especially just to get started on shit. Like there's times in my life where I could do a million different things and I don't know where to go, then I don't know which one to start right now. So I have asked everything right instead, instead of just picking one And just going all in, like, I know I can be successful.

But instead I just I just fiddle fart around and I get some shit done, but I don't get my core goals done. If I know what my principles are for this week, for this month for the next 12 weeks, then I can check myself and I can make sure that I am working on my goals. I am working on the things that are important to me because there's a million things that you can do. There's a million different opportunities. And if you're someone like me, who knows that they can just dominate things like I get interested into things. And then I'm like a groundhog. Once I find something I just dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, you know, and I'm there all day, and I become obsessed. And when that happens, it takes time away from my other things that I care about the other projects. So if I can sit down and write down my core principles, the things that really matter to me when I have a new opportunity can take out my principles, you know, list basically, it's like a, you know, like a master
list for yourself, I would write it in your phone, so you can look at it every day or I would just try and use it as your mantra, things like that. Right. And if the things that I'm about to maybe in depth and go into don't line up with my principles that are important to me, you know, like family, making a lot of money, not overworking and killing myself, you know, having time to take care of your health, you know, if like, if these are your core principles, then you can decide a lot better on all the decisions that you can do especially nowadays in a world where we are completely just saturated with every moment of our of our lives and our waking time could be absorbed into something that isn't necessarily our core principles, and it could be happening all the time, your job, your relationships, the things you do in your spare time. Like all they can all Not be lining up with your core principles and then you wonder why you're pissed off all the time, then you wonder why you're sad, why, why you're not going, why things aren't clicking for you where everything's going wrong is because you're not lined up with your core principles. You're not in line with the things that are really going to take you to that next level that are really going to show you your best self, you know, why not give your best self a try? You know, I love the saying that I heard this weekend It was like, you got to fucking make your music and you got to rob it from the graveyards. You know, graveyards have more pieces of art, more beautiful music, more books, unwritten books than anywhere else in the entire world or ever in history, because of people not pursuing their goals not becoming their best selves not taking control of their lives, and not in Not just making things happen that matters to them, you know, people waste their time almost every single fucking day on shit that they don't care at all about, that isn't building them in any positive way. It's like, they just go to work, they get off work, they watch TV, they go to sleep, and then they do it all over again. And then on the weekends, they just get fucked up. And none of the things that they're doing line up with anything that matters to them. They're not, they're not trying to learn a new thing. They're not getting completely obsessed with some new relationship, or new travel opportunity, or new friends are new skills or new hobbies. And it's it's said, and then there's also people that can just get picked up like the wind and they'll just start doing this and they'll start doing that and, and they never really land anywhere. And then they've spent their whole life just doing a bunch of random shit and they didn't like any of it and now they're in situation where they can't pay their bills, or they have to move back in with their parents, you know.
And it's just so important for your own sanity, because when everything's going all fucked up, at least you'll be able to turn back to working on some of these principles at any moment. Once you have these principles in mind, once you know what they are, you can flip that switch, you can go to your own little world where you can start working again on these principles be like, okay, these are my principles, health, wealth, and enlightenment. All right, I'm lacking in the wealth right now. But I'm frickin thriving in the health and enlightenment. You know what I mean? You can do whatever the fuck you want, as long as it lines up with the core principles, and then your principles can be broken down into more principles, but it's just so important. That when you write down your goals, and when you think about your life, you truly Know what it is you're doing with your time what it is you're doing with your days, you don't have to suffer and do shit you don't like to do. You don't have to. I mean, things will be different. You'll be uncomfortable probably for a while because we're such habitual creatures, but you can change your life today. Today, it could be the day that you change your entire life around and you start to live by your core principles. You have to understand that there will be a change, period change isn't easy change sucks. People suck at change. It's just a fact of life. You quit smoking cigarettes, you're gonna be an asshole for a couple days, you know, you quit drinking coffee, you're gonna have a headache and you're gonna be an asshole. So there's all these changes, you start going to the gym every day, your body is gonna fucking hurt, you know, but you can get over it. And you can do things differently. And you don't have to burn yourself out on these core principles. Because if the core principles are truly in line with you and your life and your destiny and your creative goals, then you should be fighting tooth and nail to work on these principles. And then if you really want to be able to step in to your genius life, to your best life, your successful life, then you have to switch these principles on and you have to be a person who doesn't just believe in the yo yo, I'll think positively and positive things will happen and be no, you have to be the change in the world that you want to see. You have to be the positive person. You have to be the person who is living by these principles beyond anything else, you know, I was in a coffee shop the other day and this lady just dropped an envelope full of money, right? Nobody saw but me and she ran out the door. And I'm like, What the fuck? You know, I pick it up. It's just all hundred dollar bills. You know, and I think to myself, I didn't even think about it. I just walked right up to the lady and I had to chase her down in the fucking parking lot and give it back to her. Right? Because I've lived that life where, you know, when I was young, I was poor and hungry. And you know, there were times where I had to steal shit. And I'm not proud of it. And I've come to terms with my life, that I'm a different person. Now, I'm not somebody who takes things that are not mine. And if I do, do not earn it, I don't take it. It's not mine. It's not my choice. You know, it's it's one of my principles. Now in my life, I do the right thing when it comes to things like that. I wasn't always like that, but I know who I am now. And I know what the rest of the life would be like, you know, and then there's other core things that are important that we need to know about ourselves. You know, a lot of people are living their whole lives without ever taking a moment to figure out who they are figuring out to just sit down and ask themselves, you know, what do I want to do with my life, and a lot of people are too scared to do that they're too scared to close their eyes. My eyes and just not think for like 10 minutes, okay? But if you are able to sit down with yourself and just start writing, right just just write three pages every single morning, I call them morning pages, about your life, about your core principles about the things you want to do. And after you do this a couple times, you're going to start seeing a pattern of things that are really important to you things that actually line up with what you want to do with your entire life because a lot of people think that life is going to be so short like they need it all now, Now. Now. Now Now, our economy is set up like this. You know, everything in life is so jacked up, where people don't understand that they can literally have anything in life you can have anything you want in life. If you can be humble enough to go through the phase of getting good enough at something to deserve whatever you want life right? You want. To be a fucking Rockstar, you got to put in the work, you got to be making music every day. You got to be showing your music every way to people, right? And then you have to be humble enough to suck at the beginning to not sound like the rock star. But if you stick with it, you stick at it and you get and you know what the principles are of becoming a rockstar and you work at them every single day, you will become a self made Rockstar because there's nothing that can stand in your way. If you just have the patience to be humble enough to just fucking suck for a while. Just Just enjoy the suck, embrace the suck. Life is suffering until you decide that you don't need to suffer and you don't have to suffer. But you can choose where you suffer. You can choose your positive suffering. Your emotional baggage can always come up and tell you oh I don't want to do this today and that's fine. But if you have, at the very core of your being a few principles that mean the most to you, whenever you're lost and confused, you can ask yourself, Am I doing anything right now that lines up with my principles and if it's not lined up with your principles, leave, you don't have to be there. Suffering is optional. But you can choose your own suffering. You can choose your own time to be who you are, and to be, as you know, focused or unfocused as you want on the things that matter to yourself. But the thing that you can't be right the thing that you have to run away from, is not is a life where you're not in line with your core principles. If you are not in line with the things that are going to keep you sane that are going to keep you going right then you have to figure out how to get from where you are Right now to where you want to be. And the easiest way for you to do this is to ask yourself, what would this look like? If it was simple? You know, what, what would this vast, crazy, huge problem of your life look like? If there was just a simple solution?
You have to ask yourself that.

And, you know, I learned that from a diplomat, and then I also heard it on a podcast, which made me remember it, but he would just wonder, you know, okay, what we did have these huge, massive problem and they say, Okay, what would this problem look like if it was simple, you know, and then he would try and he would have a whole team of people try and simplify everything down to its core problem. And sometimes it would work beautifully. And you know, sometimes things are just very complicated and you need multiple easy, simple solutions. So that's what principles are right? principles are the simplest form of yours. Success or not of your success, what you're trying to do. I hope you've enjoyed this episode on principles. And I really would like to encourage everyone to, you know, write down their goals, and then write down the principles of accomplishing their goals. And I think that is today's episode and thank you so much for tuning in. If you got any value or you wanted to just support the show, please just share it with your friends and family. on social media. Every share helps we're just you know, trying to grow. If you want to buy some art, go to the and if you want to purchase one of my courses on YouTube or podcasting, go to evergreen creators calm and I really appreciate you just listening and tuning in nama stay Have a great day.




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