Step into the arena of life

People are sitting at home, hoping their passion is going to show up at their house and take them by the hand and change their lives. The truth is, that is not going to happen. No one is going to save you.
And in lifetimes, you have to do some things alone.
The good news is when you finally step into the arena of life, you will start to gain experience, and life is all about your personal experience.
Right now, there is something you want to do, something that has intense resistance, but the secret behind that resistance is the unknown.
The unknown is unknown.
It could be terrible; it could be the start of your legacy.
My theory is if the thing has been holding you back and you know you need to do it; there are two simple things you need to do.

Step 1 - Control the voice in your head. Most people can't control the conversation that is going on in their minds, and that is why they quit. You are not the voice in your head; you are the observer behind the voice in your head.

Think about this: Have you ever noticed when you wake up in the morning that the voice in your head is stuck in the past or slightly negative?

You didn't pick to have those thoughts.

Your brain is just a bunch of neurological wires connecting, firing, and releasing chemicals.

It is not your friend; it wants the easiest, laziest, most simplistic life without challenge because it does not want to do hard things.

It wants to do the same things for the easy dopamine.

But life does not reward the easy, the lazy, the sloppy. It rewards those who step into the arena of life and push themselves.

You need to take control of your mind by putting yourself in manual mode, using mental override, and getting the f out of your way.

Step 2- Step in, lean in, do the hard thing you have been scared to do, step into the experience, step into the arena of life.

It doesn't matter what others are doing; all that matters is what you are doing. Do not worry about what others will think. Only focus on how you think. Remember, most people around you are in MPC mode and not in manual mode. They are just going with the crowd; they are stuck in the matrix.

The biggest thing is to remember you are not going to get experience watching YouTube, listening to podcasts, or reading books. You are only going to get true experience by stepping into the arena and seeing what it is really like and then reacting and realizing you didn't die, it wasn't that bad next time I will do this, and then you do it again until what once held you back if now your winning battle move.


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