Eli Facenda Speaker BioSpeaking Topic: How To Leverage Credit To Get Free Luxury Travel & Scale Your Business Fast! Eli Facenda is a travel-loving entrepreneur based out of the greater dc area, sometimes known as Eli The Travel Guy. Eli has visited 35different countries and currently runs two business ventures that are an outlet for his two greatest passions, entrepreneurship and travel. Eli’s career in the travel industry started in 2014 when he got a call from his former High School baseball coach who was launching an international sports tour company, MVP International. Eli jumped at the opportunity to get involved with this business in its infancy while he was studying abroad in Spain his Junior year at Lehigh University. Over the last 7 years, Eli has helped lead the growth of this company and is now a partner and CMO for the business. Since 2014, MVP has built a 15 person team and sent thousands of athletes and families to 40+ countries where they represent the USA in competition, connect with local culture, and enjoy a first-class family vacation. During this time of frequent travel, Eli started to learn about credit and travel rewards. A few years, thousands of hours of research, and $75,000+ in free luxury travel later, Eli founded his second venture, Freedom Travel Systems.At FTS, Eli now coaches other entrepreneurs how to fully leverage the power of their creditso they can repeatedly enjoy free luxury travel and scale their ventures with 0% interest business credit.Like most business owners, Eli was completely oblivious to how powerful fully maximizing credit could be. After mastering this skill and experiencing such massive transformation in his life and businesses, Eli is extremely passionate about sharing what he believes to be one of the most impactful tools that an entrepreneur has. It is now part of his larger mission to help other entrepreneurs enjoy more freedom, growth, and travel through fully maximizing their credit!Contact & Reference Information:E: ​eli@freedomtravelsystems.com​ | C: 703-945-7625Instagram​ – @elitravelguy | ​LinkedIn​ – Eli FacendaW: ​MVP International​ | ​W​: ​Freedom Travel Systems

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