Hello, and welcome to the lion show. I am so freakin happy that you're here. I am currently traveling

in Boulder, Colorado,

so not really traveling anymore, but I came from Payson, Arizona to Boulder, Colorado, I'm doing some work up here is that time of year, I guess. But the most important thing is check it out, this is going to be really helpful for anybody that wants to, you know, take it to that next level with their money. And this is almost, this is just next level shit. And I really like it. It's only for people that really want to get serious about their money. Okay. I call it the ultimate buy off system. Okay, so, in the last couple of episodes, we've been explaining that wealth is created through, you know, software,

leverage, basically,

for systems. And leverage is where you have leverage

is where you have other things making money for you.

So like, let's say you create a software

and create the software, you now have an army of little robots, all programmed to do things, and all you have to do is sell the software. So you have this already built system that makes money that does something for a customer that a customer will pay for. And then you can run ads, or do social media, I mean, the main leverages that I see technologically wise, obviously software. Okay, the next ones, though, are going to be algorithms, you know, hacking algorithm, SEO, you know, I'm with my podcasts on iTunes, I'm doing really awesome, because the algorithm is by Apple, and it's a lot easier than it is Google. Pinterest is another incredible algorithm that you can just take huge advantage of YouTube is what I'm doing all the time making tons of money, and I'm going to teach you guys how to do that too. And these systems, right, there's wealth that we're creating is what we all should be striving for. Okay, we're not trying to get rich for status. We're just trying to create wealth. And it's different, because wealth is always making you money, always working for you. Investing. This is another key wealth metric, where you put money into the stock market, the business that you're invested in the stocks that go up in price, you make money without doing any of the work, that's wealth, you get a piece of real estate, and you rent it out for more than the mortgage costs. And then you make money every month, as well. So

we want to create this beautiful wealth.

But what I have figured out, in all my research is a cool

formula, right? It's a good idea

to think about and have this as a goal for yourself in your life, and it can make your life so much easier. And it all starts will number one is what I recommend everybody recommends is to get out of debt. So pay off all your debt. I know it's terrible. If you're buried in debt, you're like, Oh, well, thank you for your fucking help. Well, just start making a plan to get out of debt. And then as I show you these other ways to make money, implement them, make some extra money, make more money. And, you know, take your life to that next level. Get out of debt, though, right? So the wealth, the beginning, we've already told you, I've already talked about you know, that's what wealth is, but there's really two main things that your wealth can come from to feed the system.

Number one

is things that make money on autopilot. Okay, that was the thing we just talked about. Number two, is businesses that you truly love. Okay. And the reason that this is so important is because working on it can be effortless for you. Right, that's the same as well, if you have a thriving business that you really love, that can be just as good as an automated business because it's all about just enjoying your life and you're gonna be working on something no matter what so build businesses that you truly love, or build streams of income on autopilot and that's what's gonna feed

this wealth system.

Right so you have those two streams of money or multiple streams but those two ideas are what the streams are made

of. Those are where the money is coming from. Get out

of debt first. The

next step though this is really cool.

What you do if you want to max your credit out build your credit, right? is you get credit cards that have low interest, has rewards. And it does something good for you that you you like the card right? And then what you do is every month on autopilot, you have your bills, your

your standard bills like your rent,

car payments, phone bills. Things that are never going to change, right? You pay these off with credit cards. And then you have it set up though that automatically before your payment is due, the money comes out of your checking account, or whatever your bank account. What this does is it builds your credit, every single month, so that you can truly become wealthy and you can make more money. So you have your credit cards all set up. So you're gonna have to open up all the windows and get it all set up. This is not for people that are loosey goosey that are just going to have credit cards and then max them out and then get into a bunch of shit this is for if you really want to take your finances to that next level. So you get the credit card, like let's just go with car payments, your car payment is 400 bucks, right 300 bucks, it comes out every month on the seventh. So you're gonna pay that automatically, with your credit card on the seventh, and then your credit card, final balance will come out of your checking account in the cash before, let's say the 21st is when your credit card is due every month. So on the 20th, it's automatically taken out of your checking account so that in the money is in there. But this way you're paying all your predictable bills off before the credit card is due. Every time you do this with a credit card, it gets you one point of credit. So let's say you have five credit cards that are doing this, you don't need a whole bunch of credit cards, that's five bonus points on your credit every month that you could be making with bills that you're already paying, right you have to pay your rent, you have to pay your car bill your phone bill, and you just have it set up for direct deposit from your your wealth, you know from the business you love or from the autopilot or your employee, whatever, employer and it pays it off automatically though, this will build your credit so that you can have more money and you can start reaching those new levels with your credit to get more loans and just build up your future and live that good life. So I think that's super powerful, have all your standard bills, not like not ones that you can't predict, but the predictable ones that you're going to pay anyways. And that you know the money is going to be in your account, you pay it first with a credit card, and then you automatically have it paid before the billing cycle is over for that credit card. Doing that means that you borrow money from the credit, the credit card company, but then you paid it back all the way before they charged you interest or charge or anything like that. And this makes it look like you use the credit card, and you did a good job paying the back right away. And that's what creditors want to see. So you can really build your credit with this awesome system. But the whole key thing is to do it automatically. So you don't have to think about it anymore. The next thing that you really need to do is have 10% of your money or more automatically put into the stock market. Now, in the stock market, the best investment, so the best on the black is index funds, okay. But before that is if you have an employer who will match your 401k. That's an awesome, awesome way to get tax free money. And that's how we're talking about right now. So 10%, though of your money that you already have coming in, after you have your bills automatically paid off, should automatically be invested into the stock market or invested into something that you know will grow over time. For me, it's the stock market in advertising. So every extra 10% that I have I invest in advertising in the stock market. So I put 20%, basically. But I think that's just so powerful. And I want to tell you guys, again, listening to this at your own warning, but what I'm doing right now in the stock market is I obviously want to get heavily invested into these index funds, because they're going to gradually grow over time, they're a safe investment, because they are a diversified portfolio. And the best way to make money in the stock market is to have lots of different stocks all over the place that that way, if one sector goes down, but another section stays the same, then you will lose all your money. Whereas if you're just buying like individual stocks, you're just gonna end up losing your shirt at some point,

you know, unless you're really good and you really are paying attention but

if you want to just make money in the stock market, it's very, very likely that index funds are going to beat the market year after Here you can set this up on autopilot, right that's the smart way to go about it. Here's my full disclosure of what I'm doing in the stock market right now is I'm so I have this theory that Pigs get slaughtered. Okay. And in the stock market right now, we're I don't want to say we're in a bubble. But there's a very large likelihood that we have a correction coming. And it could be the big recession that everybody's talking about. And my money, I'm putting my money that it is going to drop, the stock market's going to crash, at least at some point, because you know, Coronavirus, it's an election year, they're the the federal government and everybody is, is pumping the stock market up, because President Trump wants to look good, they can't have the stock market crash on his year. So they're just flooding the markets. I'm not against it, or for it, it's just kind of what I see is happening. And I just feel like whether whichever president wins the nomination, either the federal government in January and Trump wins is going to kind of stop pumping useless money into the market, and it's going to have a massive correction, you know, or anything could happen, right. And if Biden becomes president, the markets gonna freak out. If he if either one because he becomes president, there's always a possibility that, you know, Europe's gonna tank or Japan's gonna tank but I feel like there's a massive correction, at least in the next year. So I'm putting all my money short, the market, basically, and I'm doing this through ETFs. Again, don't listen to anything I'm doing. But I just figured this is what I'm doing. if the market goes down, I'm heavily invested in making a lot of money when that happens. And I'm doing this through ETFs. So I really like s qq q, s, Tao SP x s. And then I'm also betting that u v x, y, which is basically the short term futures of the VIX, which is the volatility index, are going to happen. So I'm heavily invested in that. And my plan is to keep investing. And if the market never tanks, and everybody can laugh, I mean, we can watch this together. And if the market does tank, I'm going to make a fuckload of money. And then I'm going to take the money out, at some point, what you do is when if the market goes my way, right? So I'm heavily invested, that it's going to be a bear market, or there's gonna be a correction. So what I do is, as soon as I see that happening, I take out the money, the profits that I have, and how much I spent on the stocks, I take that out of the market. And then I'm going to let the last rest ride until I feel like that's the top of the market or the bottom of the market, whatever way you're looking at it. And then I'm going to take that money out again, what's it feel like that's happening? Or not either probably put it into cryptocurrency, or I'm going to put it all into index funds. Now, I know it's complicated, it's kind of a gamble, but I just wanted to talk about anyways, cuz it's fucking cool idea. And like I said, I think I think pigs get slaughtered. And I think the market is getting real greedy right now. And just the the human nature of everything that's going on is it's just such a fake, a fake front, you know, like, there's just, there's just no backing, some legs gonna give somewhere and something weirds gonna happen. And then, after the correction happens, though, I do see the market rallying and fucking shooting to the moon. But I also see everyday goods going up in price as well, I feel like there's gonna be a lot of inflation. Either president wins, there's gonna be a ton of inflation, which means for like me new normal people, foods gonna get more expensive gas is going to get more expensive things, restaurants are going to become more expensive, because there's going to be more money in circulation with all this bullshit,

Coronavirus. And everything else has been happening to us on our poor the lives and the great 2020. Anyway, that was my rant on what I'm doing, and what I'm doing with the 10% that I've been investing in the stock market for a very long time now. And then the other 10% that you should save is just to save for life events, you should just save 10% of your money. So invest 10% save for your wedding, for accidents for the future, you know, for your future home that you want to buy and just save that. You can do that in cash or something that you feel comfortable with. But just save it. And then what happens is when this happens where you have all your bills paid first, you know by credit card and then out of your checking account, you just have all your bills paid regardless. And you're automatically investing some Android automatically saving your money. What you wind up left with is guilt free money that you can spend and you can live your life. You know, you don't, you can't budget everything, even if you wanted to. It's kind of a miserable way to think about money. It's just budgeting. You know, I can't tell you how to budget your money. You are smart individual. And you can do it yourself if you want to save more money. But if you do this on autopilot, you automatically have 10% just stuffed into a savings account 10% invested in the stock market. And like what I do is I also have 10% invested into an ads, credit card and ads web bank account, so I can do advertising because that's what I'm comfortable with. And then you have all your bills paid off, and it's all automatic, then you have it left in your bank account is guilt free money, you know that that good, sweet cash, that you can just spend on whatever you want. So you can live a good life. This isn't about to get rich. Again, we're not doing this for status we're doing we're trying to build wealth, so that we can just have our bills paid and live a good life. It's not not about Scrooge McDuck, bathing in fucking gold coins and chip, this is about just having money so that our family if they need it, if there's a thing so that we can just spend the money that we want on things that are important to us. And that's what guilt free money is. So firstly, pay off all your bills automatically with your credit card so that you're building your credit, you automatically are investing 10% of your money, or even just $1 a day into the stock market. And then you're also saving 10% automatically for your wedding for your car for your life. And then you are just left in your bank account what you can spend, you don't if you say if you spend less than you'll have more next one, then that'll be more guilt free money that you can either invest in the stock market, but getting to that point where you have that guilt free money in your account. It's a good feeling. That's a fun, fun the life and you don't have to worry about money. Um, I think that's the end of my spiel, I am currently getting a job as a media buyer for ad league. Well, I have one more interview, and they approached me though, and I've never had that happen before. I don't need a job. But I really love running ads, again, going against what I've been spitting to you guys about all the you're never going to get rich, if you lease out your time. But if I can master ads, that's a beautiful form of wealth for me, because I'm able to create courses and software, which are the things that I've been really, really interested in as well as you know, buy land and then market it and things like that. So ads, I feel like are the true secret sauce to a lot of wealth. Because if you have traffic for your offer, and it converts and you're making a profit, anything you make that you can do this with, you're going to be rich, you can scale to millions of dollars a year on one campaign. And the more that I'm learning the crazier that is. Um, so needless to say my YouTube course by it, it's $1 right now, but man, I'm making these videos because I'm just mastering YouTube ads. And I'm adding that to my YouTube course. And I'm also adding some super secret SEO stuff that I just recently figured out because YouTube is all about watch time engagement, and click through rate and things like that. And I've just figured out how to really kind of hack the system, and it's gonna make quite a few people some money on the sweet tube.

So buy my course now or just a buck. Because as soon as I start running ads, you know, I gotta make some money on the ads. And I'm literally trying to master YouTube ads. So that is the reasoning behind the price increase as well as the quality is, is getting awesome. That's what I've been spending a lot of time is filming a new course and I'm in the process of editing. So in the below by that, thank you for listening to the lion show. If you liked any of the ideas in this, and you're watching it on YouTube, please leave a comment I would really appreciate to note or hit me up on Twitter at the lion show or follow me on Instagram, I think it's lion show official. And let's connect. Let's get rich. I'm going to teach you guys some cool shit some affiliate marketing stuff next so that you can actually make more money. And

I love you. Again, I'm just trying to help people make some money. And I really love

this idea of automating

all your bills with credit cards and paying it off at your your, your checking account, because imagine build your credit. And you just have to open up the two windows and have it all

synced up and it's gonna

play around with it a little bit, but then all your bills are paid.

And you got to make the money but


will be building for you.

This is a wealth machine. And it can just keep going and you're automatically investing in the stock market. Boom, you're

growing money that way you're building wealth

and maybe you're learning coding or building a course or you're writing a book or making music or you're gonna

something like that.

Those are all wealth producing

products that you can use is to make money for the long run, and lots of cool shit going on. Love you guys. No mistake, peace

true wealth


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